Is Journalism A Good Career To Choose?


Getting a degree in journalism is one of the best career options available. With the transition of print media to electronic media, the set of skills have also changed; ultimately, there are job opportunities for new graduates with modern skills. Choosing a career usually depends upon the following factors;

  • Pay-scale

This word comes first into every graduate’s mind when deciding on a career, and it should come.

In 2020, where the pandemic has devastated the working conditions, and with the inflated prices of commodities, it is hard to look for a job. Pursuing a degree in journalism is not only financially strong, but it’s also a reputable job. According to Glassdoor, an average journalist in the United States earns around  $53,939 per annum.

  • Job Opportunities

Choosing a career with a huge job market is particularly a wise decision. For journalism, there are many job opportunities. Withholding a journalism degree in your hands, you can apply for;

  • Broadcast journalist
  • Web content manager
  • Writer
  • Magazine journalist
  • Press-sub-editor
  • Editorial assistant
  • Publisher
  • Proofreader
  • Magazine features editor
  • Newspaper journalist

Pick a job that suits your qualifications and interests.

  • Passion

The most important thing that matters in picking a career is, do you love what you do? If you think that journalism is another 9 to 5 job, then my friend, you are mistaken. Journalism requires more than a conventional job. You have to be available other than work hours. You will have to display commitment towards your work. Sometimes you have to put your life at risk to gather useful information. Steve Ladurantaye is a successful journalist who worked hard to become one. His passion and consistent struggle made him the head of news and current affairs in Canada. So, if you are passionate about doing journalism, then definitely go for it. But if you are not and those salary figures are your goal, then, believe me, this is not a job for you.

What Department To Choose For Journalism?

To become a journalist, you need to do your bachelor’s in media sciences or journalism. These departments will provide you with a complete understanding of how journalism works.

What Skills Must You Have To Become A Journalist?

Becoming a journalist requires quality skills. Here are some of the necessary skills that you must have or gain as a journalist.

  • Interpersonal Skill

Good journalists are friendly with their colleagues. They maintain a good environment at work. Thanks to interpersonal skills. These skills helped Steve Ladurantaye to become a multi-platform newsroom manager and succeed in his career in journalism.

  • Good Communication Skills

Journalists often have to interview. To have a debatable conversation, you must adhere to quality communication skills.

  • Researcher

As a journalist, you will have to research a lot. Getting proper factual and accurate information will be your task.

  • Read a Lot

Make reading your habit from now on if you are planning to become a journalist. Journalism is about collecting data. You have to read many publications to find useful information. You will have to dive into the world of stats to gather the crucial facts and figures to support your research.


Journalism is indeed one of the most famous professions to jump in. All you need is a bachelor’s degree with a quality set of skills.

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