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Are you aware that the majority of consumers check out online reviews before buying anything? Aside from that, products that have more positive reviews in general have twice more ales compared to those that do not have them. 

That is the reason why properly handling negative customer reviews is essential for your brand image. You can also may want to know which review sites are better for your business to get more reviews there. For example Google reviews vs. Facebook reviews but how can you perfectly handle harmful reviews? What can you do to turn them around?

You will learn the right tips on how to deal with negative reviews from customers to improve brand image and reputation.

  1. Put thought in your answers

Aside from making a quick response, negative reviews also deserve your appreciation. Any feedback is critical, especially if it is negative. 

This type of feedback most likely gives an understanding of some unpolished aspects of their experience and anything unpleasant they encountered with your business. 

Tell them how much you appreciate their feedback, and use it to improve your brand. 

  1. Suggest how the problem can be resolved

When you already know what the exact issue is, you can already suggest how it can be fixed. You can use a review management software to find out how you can easily relay your message. 

When you suggest how to resolve the issue, keep in mind that this could mean tweaking the business process a bit or even making disciplinary action if an employee failed to follow the rules. You must inform the customer of any actions you can take based on their feedback. 

Sometimes, you may offer them more incentives like a refund or voucher. Sometimes, negative reviews can cost you to lose several customers, so it is only sensible to invest in a resolution. 

  1. Be kind and answer appropriately 

Reviews can get nasty, but your business should never become unprofessional about them. You must be consistent in your attitude when dealing with them. You should always be professional and apologize. 

Keep in mind that you will end up losing more if you act unprofessionally because it will drive future customers away. 

  1. Ask them to clarify before confirming it

Before using a review management tool to compose your response, do not forget to acknowledge the issue even if you oppose. Most likely, they will have a different perspective and this is normally a great reason to leave the review. Try putting yourself in their shoes, and you might see where they are coming from. This important if you want to show that you care about their voice, and want to improve. 

You should have total understanding of the issue, so you must ask clarifying questions to understand the main cause of the problem. It is best to isolate the issue and deal with it head on. 

These tips are also on how to get more google reviews

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