Is Every Game of Solitaire Winnable?


There is this common question that is asked by people regarding whether every game of solitaire is winnable or not! If you have not got the clear answer of this query, then we can provide you with that.

No, all games of solitaire are not winnable. This aspect depends on a large number of factors and there are various tips and tricks that you can follow to win all games of it.

In addition, if you manage to set the rule to just 1 card deal and turn off King only mode, then you might win each and every game of it.

Odds of winning at Solitaire

We all know that Solitaire is one of the simplest card games that one can play. This is the best passing game that you can suggest to your friend and buddies.

Furthermore, this game helps you relax your mind and body extensively. It passes your time on excellent notes.

It was during the time of the 90s that this game used to be marked and identified as one of the easily accessible games so far. Moreover, it is an online game but you can play it free of cost.

We have seen that around and about 80% of Solitaire games are actually and specifically winnable. But players fail to meet this percentage and they hardly win these games.

If you just make one bad move in this game, then it can automatically lead you to failed results. Bad moves and bad actions taken in reference to this game make you un-winnable in this game.

It all depends on your player knowledge concerning how you win this game. There are 52 cards in it and you have to catch up with sound and a good amount of understanding on how to professionally play this game.

Tips to play Solitaire for winning it in one go

When we talk about the theoretical approach, then it is observed that to win this game of Solitaire, you have to take and go on making 76 moves. This is how you can make 1 card deal.

Furthermore, a player has to make 60 moves for the sake of finishing a 3-card deal. Whenever you make a first move, then make sure to draw cards right from the deck.

If you follow this tip, then you will end up getting more and more options to win this game.

Rest, you need to play aces and also twos. Avoid leaving the empty space if you do not have the King.

If you do come across with a large number of options, then it is suggested to move cards completely from the column and try moving face down cards.

Exposing larger stacks first of all

To become a pro in this Solitaire game, it is suggested to keep on exposing larger stacks first of all. In other words, while you plan to target hidden cards for the sake of exposing them, then it is advised to choose columns that come with huge stacks.

If you manage to whittle down these columns as linked with hidden cards, then you may find a better chance of revealing some of the useful cards and hence increase your chance of winning.

Turning up the first deck as your first move

Furthermore, you should turn up the first deck right as your first move. This tip will surely increase and maximize your winning chances.

There are a large number of players that make this mistake of keeping on building their piles and then they move their cards all around on the tableau.

Instead, it is recommended to reveal this card completely as a first move. By doing so, you will get ton of extra options and it will also help you in building foundation decks.

Avoid building ace stacks

The other tip that you can conveniently follow to win the Solitaire game is to avoid building ace stacks. We know that you may find this tip counterintuitive, but it is not at all recommended to move your cards right to the upper Ace foundations.

By following this practice, it may bring a lot of problems for you. Hence, think wisely and carefully while playing this game.

You have to think comprehensively before you plan to build your Ace stacks.

Avoid moving cards if there is not a need to do so

If you see no reason for moving cards, then avoid doing so. This is an obvious fact that it looks tempting and exciting enough to keep on shuffling cards.

But avoid performing this practice if you are not in a need to do so. In other words, minimize the practice of shuffling your Solitaire cards from pile to pile.

You should only move your cards if you see any benefit in it.


The last important tip that can make every Solitaire game of your winnable is to play the ace.

Whenever you get the chance to reveal an Ace or Two right from the stockpile, then it is advised to play them.

You should avoid drawing more and more cards completely from the stockpile. This is the best move that you can go for.

So, what’s the bottom line? You can try taking help from these strategies and up your Solitaire game now.

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