Comparing 5 Types of Popular Fencing Material


Despite the prevalence of technological innovation in security, fencing is still the best means of keeping premises safe. Whether it’s a commercial location or residential lot, installing a fence will prevent trespassing and put your mind at ease. Nowadays, you can choose from a wide variety of fencing materials and installation styles. Regardless of how simple or complex your needs, you’ll find one that fits the bill. This article will compare the different popular fencing materials available from every local fencing contractor near you.

  1. Chain link fence

Chain-link fencing is a common choice for commercial properties. One of its best features is the ease of installation and maintenance. It’s also long-lasting, strong, and versatile. According to RTC Fencing, you can request thicker galvanisation, thus making the fence more robust and resistant to corrosion. This type of fencing is generally more affordable but isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. For more privacy, you can add slats or mesh.

  1. Wooden fencing

Wood is one of the most traditional fencing materials. Many people think that it’s not long-lasting because it eventually rots and could be prone to pest infestation. But, wooden fencing is an attractive option because of its many advantages. For example, some types of hardwood used in fencing can be styled with paint and stains. The natural appearance makes it a suitable choice for residential properties and commercial spaces. To resist pests and decay, contractors may waterproof the posts. Also, the type of lumber determines durability and appearance. One downside of wooden fencing is that it may be expensive since lumber costs are already on the rise.

  1. Wrought iron fence

Iron fences today are mostly made of steel which is more flexible than cast iron. This material is another traditional fencing choice, but highly favoured because of its durability and strength. Unfortunately, rust and corrosion is the primary disadvantage. Nevertheless, metal fencing is customisable and can be made in a variety of styles. It’s also versatile and may be used in commercial installations. The durability of iron is also suitable for business premises because it can resist strong impact.

  1. Vinyl fencing

Vinyl is an excellent alternative to wood fencing because it doesn’t rot and can last a long time. This material is also low maintenance and relatively affordable. However, options may be limited when it comes to colour and finish. Depending on the installation area, reinforcement may be required to prevent the material from sagging.

  1. Aluminium fence

Those who are looking for a durable fencing option consider aluminium. But, unlike iron, it’s not as strong. Nevertheless, one of the pros of this material is that it doesn’t rust. There are also plenty of styles available that will suit commercial and residential applications. This style is best used to complement modern architecture. You’ll see aluminium fencing surrounding business premises, buildings, and other properties used for commercial purposes. Sometimes, it may also be used to fence playgrounds, yards, schools, and similar public structures. Aluminium can be more expensive, but its durability and appearance offer great value

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