How To Sell Your Music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Etc. (and Earn Money)


Building your name in the music industry is not an easy task. You will be faced with a battery of difficulties in your pursuit to succeed in the field of music. One of the major problems that independent artists face is the issue of limited reach. No matter how good their song or music is, reaching the right audience is always a herculean task.

Listening to music has changed drastically in the recent few years. While in the old days, CDs and Ipod’s were the primary source of music, with the evolution of new technology, all of these devices have become obsolete. Music streaming apps have become the conventional source of streaming and downloading music these days.

Since the pandemic has rendered music concerts and other events to be an impossibility, these apps have amassed a huge significance. This is why, it is imperative for you as an independent artist to Sell your music online and Get your music on Spotify and other major music streaming apps like iTunes, Amazon music, etc.

However, to put your music on iTunes and other major platforms is easy said than done. One of the primary difficulties is that these apps don’t host an upload button. This disallows you to sell your music on Amazon and other big streaming apps. However, you need not worry because this article will solve all of your problems.

Your solution lies in digital music distribution services.

MusicDigi is an online music distributor which will allow you to place your music on all the major music streaming apps including amazon, TikTok, iTunes, apple music, Spotify, etc. they are one of the best music distributors because they provide you with a very easy and quick method to upload music on all the major streaming apps.

All you have to do is to take their yearly membership, which comes at minimal cost, keeping in mind that independent artists are most of the time short of revenue. They ensure that lack of revenue does not impede your dream life. With their membership, you can upload unlimited music and all these records will be placed in major streaming apps within a day or two.

One of the other challenges that you will face when you get your music on TikTok and other major platforms is that many times, other platforms dupe the music creator as a consequence of which, the creators lose their ownership rights of the music. Musicdigi is not such a platform. They ensure that the 100 percent ownership of the music is retained by the real creator of the music only.

If the crowd likes your music on the streaming platforms, you will get famous in no time. This will also make you a lot of money. this revenue generated will be transferred into your MusicDigi account from where you can withdraw it and put it to use for making new music and new records.


Getting music placed online is very vital for your success as a music creator. This will steer the direction of your career in a major way.

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