Best Materials for Exterior Doors


One of the great factors to consider when choosing replacement exterior doors is the door material type. The exterior door is the home’s main entry, and having a solid entry ensures maximum security.

There are many materials for front doors, with the most common material being wood. These doors are preferred because of their natural aesthetics and sturdiness. Other door materials are fiberglass, vinyl, and steel. When buying, consider the material’s features, pros, and cons. The door’s price also matters. Read on for more descriptions of the replacement exterior doors Oakville materials.

1. Fiberglass And Steel

Fiberglass and steel doors rank at the top for the best door materials. People prefer these two materials because of their energy efficiency and sturdiness. Besides, fiberglass doors are strong and durable with minimal maintenance costs. The door material is also energy efficient, with the highest energy-star rating.

Fiberglass exterior doors are available in various shapes and designs. You should choose a shape that matches your windows for more aesthetics. Also, if you are buying a door with transoms and sidelights, get one with double and triple glass panes. They block noise and add energy efficiency to the home.

2. Steel

Steel is also a common material with many benefits like sturdiness and durability. Unlike the ancient steel, the modernized one has a panel inside to increase sturdiness and durability. It is also fitted with insulating foams to increase energy efficiency.

Steel doors are available in many types because the material is easy to manipulate and customize. However, these exterior doors are not a good option for houses along the coast. The high humidity and salt concentration react with the door and cause rusting.

3. Wood

Wood exterior doors in Oakville are trendy, and homeowners prefer them because of the natural finishing. The material is sturdy and durable and can withstand many climatic elements. The door does not bend and dent easily, and it is energy efficient.

Although wood doors are aesthetically attractive, they are expensive to purchase and maintain. These doors fade when exposed to sunlight, forcing the homeowner to spend more on repainting. Besides, the front door is exposed to water and absorbs moisture, which leads to swelling and rotting, making the door harder to operate.

4. Compare The Prices

When purchasing, it is essential to consider the prices of the door materials because it helps with setting the proper budget. The cost of the door depends on the material, style, and quality. For example, wood doors cost between $2500 and $4000, and the prices range with the type of wood and the finish.

Fiberglass exterior doors in Oakville are less costly, with their prices ranging between $1200 to $2500. When setting the budget, include the installation fee. Also, ensure you agree on the installation fee before the experts begin the work. It reduces the chances of being overcharged for services you do not need.

Regardless of the exterior doors of Oakville material that you choose, ensure that a professional installer installs your doors.

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