How To Pick The Right Social Media Platforms For Your Growth Strategy



When you are busy running your business, it is impossible for you to take out time terrain active on every social media platform out there. The best way to go around this problem is to narrow down the list of social media channels that deem worthy.

So, how do you select the right social media channel for your business?

Instead of chewing rocks on maintaining an online presence on every social media, take a step back and see which social media platform can really help you revamp your marketing strategy. If this sounds like a lot of work to you, why not take help from the Igloo agency

How To Pick The Right Social Media Platforms?

Before building a social media strategy, evaluate your primary business objectives and which platform will fit perfectly to promote your business message. Once you understand your business messages, you can use the following tips to select the best social media platform for your business.

1. Understand The Purpose Of Each Platform

Before you start opening an account on every social media, it is important to know what social media platforms do. Without the right knowledge, you might not target the right audience for your business. 

For instance, if you are targeting the millennials, then using Instagram or Snapchat might be the right decision. All the social media platforms have something different to offer, and every social media platform has a different audience base.

Hence, be vigilant about the social media audience base and then go for a particular platform.

2. Go For Numbers

The Numbers don’t lie. When you are looking for a social media platform, see which platform offers the most relevant audiences. For instance, if you are in the fashion industry, Pinterest and Instagram might be viable choices.

More than 93% of the Pinterest users have accepted that they use to pin most of their products which they want to purchase.

Understanding the performance of each platform and knowing their purposes will put yours ahead of the game. As a business, you want to be where you can get the most followers. Take a look at your current website traffic and see which social media platform is generating the most traffic. This will give you an idea about which social media platform to invest in.

3. Look Out For Your Competitors

Competitors are the best way to see which platform can work for you. Keep track of your competitors and see which platform they are using. This will give you a sign about their social media marketing approach.


Understanding your competitive landscape will help you build an effective social media marketing strategy. With an effective strategy, you will be able to attract influencers, brand ambassadors, and audiences to purchase your product.

4. Be Consistent

Maintaining a lead position on the social platform is all about being consistent with your content. Before you start creating an account and sharing your content, ensure that you have enough ideas to maintain a steady flow of content on your social handles.


Next, you need to have a business logo that can be added to your every social media profile image. This helps people to remember who you are. 

5. Customized Content For Every Platform

One of the common mistakes most businesses make is that they use the same content for every social media platform. This takes away the content perks. Your content lacks customization and might lose its perk to attract attention.

Each platform is different, and contents are shown differently. Hence, you need to take this factor into consideration while making your content for different platforms. Customization of the content is important if you want to leave an impact on your audiences’ conscience.

Take Away

By understanding the tips we have mentioned above, you can easily optimize your social media marketing strategy and find the right social media platform that complements your brands or business.

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