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2021 BMW M4 – Things to Ponder on before Buying

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BMW cars are always iconic in their own way. Therefore, an individual can close his/her eyes and buy a BMW. However, still it is better to have some knowledge about purchasing a car before booking it. The car you should know about is the new 2021 BMW M4. There are a few things which you should ponder on before getting this vehicle from a BMW dealership near Avila Beach.

Take a close look at the specs!

BMW M4’s powerful engine

Under the hood sits a powerful inline-six 3L twin-turbocharged engine. However, it is not at all as there are two versions; standard variant creates a massive horsepower of 473 along with torque of 406 lb-ft. It is teamed with manual six-speed and RWD drivetrain.

The optional version (Competition) generates a colossal horsepower of 503 and torque of 479 lb-ft. Transmission available for this is automatic 8-speed only. Though this will be available in RWD only initially, later it might also have an AWD variant for people who would prefer it.

Standard features in M4 include brake-pedal with adjustable option, exhaust system with electronic control that is quite louder in the Sport trims, and adaptive dampers.  However, if one feels the exhaust system to be louder than necessary, then it can be controlled using M-Sound switch. Lastly, all models can be equipped with roof made of carbon-fiber along with brakes of carbon ceramic nature.

The EPA estimate the mileage provided by this amazing car to be 17 mpg in city and 23 mpg on highway, which is quite good when compared with rival vehicles of this segment. If you are looking to gain more info about its engine and performance then visit BMW dealer Avila Beach.

Interior and comfort offered

Well, a BMW never lets down its customers when it comes to interior of a car. Superbly designed interior is more than enough to make people awe-struck upon when gazing at it. Racing-inspired interior design along with unique materials used makes it have one of the best styled cabins in this category. Steering wheel with thick rims has red buttons on it for M-drive customizable mode.

Comfortable seats with illuminated M-Sport logo, and integrated headrest along with ventilation properties makes it a first for M4 series. Also, fronts seats can be of carbon-fiber, which is an option that makes it look even cooler as well as lighter with options to make it go lower than standard seats. Even the legroom at rear comes with additional inches than its earlier versions.

Price of M4

The two options available are M4 Coupe and M4 Competition Coupe, which are priced at $72,795 and $75,695 respectively. If a person is looking to buy a manual transmission, then M4 Coupe is the option for him/her; however, people looking for that extra horsepower, comfort, and more the spend a little bit extra to get the Competition model as you won’t regret it.

It is one of the best cars of the M4 Series and should be purchased if one seeks one from this series of BMW. Just visit a showroom and take a test drive before acquiring one.

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