How to Learn Big Data and Earn Big Bucks?


Big data is one of the top players in the IT market. Today, big data and data science are the aspects that are fueling modern businesses. The advent of big data has become even bigger every second, with 44 trillion GB of data it produces in total. It is predicted that a single person will produce 1.7 MB data by 2020, says IDC.

Thanks to the advancement of this technology, the industries are going ablaze with this huge eruption. No doubt, technology has crept inside businesses in such a manner that it has become a crucial part of every sector and processing unit. No doubt, the word has become inevitable in the technology world today. As a result, big data skills are now driving organizations to make decisions, thus the demand for big data skills. The tools and technologies used in big data has led to huge demands in the IT sector. If you’re looking for real time analysis and the usage of data, then big data is your answer.

Big data job roles are one of the most trending job for quite a while now. With scores of websites generating huge amounts of data every millisecond, it is crucial that there is an urgency for professionals to handle data. As a matter of fact, professionals who are experts in handling correct and efficient data can prove to be a competitive edge for organizations. This data can be analyzed and used for future references in field such as cost-cutting, strategy building, and decision making.

The annual growth of big data between 2014 to 2019 is predicted to grow 23%. With the rising need of big data, a career in big data has become equally important. More jobs meaning more skilled professionals in big data. Hence, there is a massive outcry to have a massive workforce to become skilled professionals. Today, organizations are in a hunt for expert who can analyze and manage data in a way that is effective and beneficial.

If you’re thinking to grow as a big data professional, you will need a proper roadmap that can boost our skills and help you in your big data career. For this you will require certain technical skills along with business skills. However, if you’re from an IT background it gets easier for one to get skilled in big data by taking up big data certifications.

A certified big data professional is top priority for most organizations as they won’t require to validate the skills. You can search for online resources and big data certification programs to learn these technologies better.

Suggested big data certifications to get big bucks:

  • Certified Analytics Professional

This certification program is a great choice for professionals who are not looking for any specific analytics platform or any vendor specific. However, one can build big data skills like solving analytical problems, forecasting models, model building, and deployment, etc.

  • Associate Big Data Engineer

Associate Big Data Engineer certification program is a well-renowned credential fueled by Data Science Council of America (DASCA). This certificate is designed for market researcher and business analysts looking to enter the big data career. With the hype that is still the talk of the market becoming a big data certified professional from this platform can shape your career and give you a head start.

  • Analytics: Optimizing Big Data

Powered by the University of Delaware, the certificate in Analytics: Optimizing Big Data plays a major role in the field of big data. Taking up a certification from this platform upskill candidates with the concepts and techniques in the technology. Earning a certification qualifies the candidate to incorporate these skills in used case studies to solve a problem.

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