Most people get flabbergasted when they find themselves in a situation that requires them to take immediate action. Emergencies can even make calm ones lose their composure. What do you do when you find out that your friend or a family member is arrested with a criminal charge? Of course, it will take some time to digest the information that came all of a sudden. But it is not the time to be inactive, as the more time you waste, the more time your friend is inside the lockup, facing unimaginable circumstances. Take this article as a guideline to understand what to do to get your loved ones an immediate release from jail custody. 

What are Bail Bonds: Now you have heard about the term bail, most probably on TV, but do not have a clear concept of how bail works. Bail is a process of getting a person out of jail after they are arrested with a charge of crime. Bail does not prove the accused’s innocence in any way, as he will still need to appear before the court for his case trial and hearings. The bail will only ensure him a release from jail as he awaits his trial. 

Why Does One Need Bail Bonds: It is so crucial to bail out the person you care for, as studies show that people who do not get bail as they wait for their trial suffer a tremendous amount of physical and mental torture, both from the authority and from the inmates. 

How do Bail Bonds Work: When one is arrested for a crime and taken to police custody, he may call someone he knows and asks to pay the bail money to get him out of jail. Now someone will pay for the bail amount set by the authority to get the defendant out. Most of the time, this sum is not paid in cash, since not everyone is ready with a large sum at their disposal. The person acting for the defendant will arrange an agreement with the court for the fast release. This agreement is settled with cash, assets or bonds. 

  • There are various 24×7 bail bonds agencies available to assists people in need. These agencies will provide a bondsman, who will take care of the whole process and ensure the defendant’s safe release. 
  • The bondsman will require the full name of the defendant, the name of the jail he is in, the charges made against them and some additional information. The whole process can take a few hours to complete, and the legal deeds can be done remotely as well. If you are from San Diego, you may contact bail bonds San Diego for assistance. 

Once the defendant gets bail, he must follow all the protocols laid down by the bondsman. Since his trial is yet to begin, he is not proven innocent. He cannot leave the state, and certain restrictions will be imposed on him. He must not fail to appear in the court for all the hearing until his case reaches its verdict. As the person who bails the accused out, you should also hold the defendant responsible for his actions. It will impact both of you negatively if he fails to make courtroom appearances while his case is still on trial.

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