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How to find a PG close to your workplace

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A lot of young professionals are coming to metros and other big cities in search of jobs resulting in the increased demand for rental accommodation.Being away from home in a new city, looking for the right place to stay is a very time consuming and difficult task due to the lack of streamlined platforms and the various processes associated with finding an accommodation, like dealing with brokers, rental agreement, interactionwith owners, cash transactions etc.

In the present scenario, for example, new-age PG homes are gradually gaining popularity. One of the main reasons for this is that they offer all facilities like Wifi, food, security etc. at relatively affordable rates. However, finding a good PG is a humungous task. First and foremost,you have to decide on the location, after which,you have several options – either you can rent directly from the owners or through a broker or search online for your preferred property from the comfort of your home through property portals. So, if you are looking for a Paying Guest in Pune, for example, it’s a good idea to check out locations near large workspaces in Kothrud, Dhankewadi and more.

The best thing to do, for most employees is to shift near the workplace.Staying near the workplace means easy commuting. You can either walk up or go cycling instead of taking a bus or an auto rickshaw. Arranging for lunch becomes a tough job for employees living outside their hometowns. Most of the time they end up eating junk food which is both unhealthy and expensive. By shifting closer to the workplace, you get a chance to get back to your accommodation and grab a healthy bite during lunch time. A lot of health problems in the employees of the Corporate sector are a result of their sedentary lifestyles. We are always sitting whether it is in the office, or in commute. By living close to your workplace, you could make a few minutes of walk to your office a part of your daily routine.Staying close to your workplace also increases your flexibility in terms of timings. In case you have to work late or have an early meeting you don’t have to worry about conveyance.

If you reside in one of the big metros, you might find it hard to find accommodation near your workplace. Because, rents may be too high in premium locations that are close to business and IT parks. However, today the concept of managed living is taking root amongst the millennials, who are drawn to the idea mainly because of the rising property prices.

These are managed accommodation options provided by professional operators like Stanza Living who give value for money while offering all the facilities for making life easier. They have furnished and serviced homes, offering you all the benefits of living in a home away from home. All your daily living needs are taken care of under one roof. These managed living accommodations like stanza living offer state of the art amenities which are all inclusive in the rent. You don’t have to pay brokerage fee or huge deposits and they provide round the clock security. They are fully furnished, with specially designed living spaces creating an inspiring environment for people to interact and share experiences. It is becoming popular in cities as a means of affordable living for students, workers, digital nomads or individuals relocating.You have your privacy even while living with others and sharing space.They operate in clusters across the city and you can check on line to find out if one of the clusters is located near your place of work.

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