Best Tips For 80s Themed Wedding


The 80s was one of the best decades of the music industry. This was the time when the best artists of modern times made their presence felt in the industry. The music of that era still has a strong fanbase. There is a reason why you can find a Los Angeles 80’s cover band making birthdays, weddings, and corporate parties super awesome with music and dance performances taking guests back to the 80s. The trend of 1980s themed weddings also reflects the love for the music of the 80s. 

The 1980s Themed Wedding 

The 80s theme can make your wedding stand out from the rest. The fun, bright wedding in the 80s style can be the first time experience for the new generation and those who got married in the 1980s can once again get the opportunity to revisit their memories.

If you are interested in a 1980s themed wedding then here are some tips. You can spruce up the venue adding the 80s style to your celebrations, food and attire. 

The Dress 

Wedding dress is the most exciting and important part. When it comes to the 1980s, it was all about big accessories, big sleeves and big hair. Go for big bouquets, big wheels and big gowns. You can find big bows, puffy lace sleeves and cathedral trains in those gowns. A longer veil is better. Go for full skirts and ruffles. Illusion high necks and lace floral embroidery were favorite. 


Decoration gives you an opportunity to get creative. Shall you fully embrace the 80s theme or add a subtle theme? Add more color. Decorate the venue with neon balloons and bright streamers. You can bring the 80s party vibes back and completely transform the venue without breaking the bank. Use vibrant fabrics. Make sure that you have 80s Polaroid cameras on guests’ tables. Your guests will be left with a fabulous keepsake. 

Candy Chart 

From the wedding dress to sweets, everything has changed over four decades. It is good to have a candy cart filled of classics. You can have jelly rings, love hearts, candy cigarettes and other classic candies. 

The Cake 

Have the 80s style towering cake in different colors. Consider neon and bold colors. 


When it comes to music, find the best Los Angeles 80s cover band. A good Los Angeles 80s cover band can make sure that the guests have the best time. 

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