How To Deal With Last Minute Changes


Many people thrive on organisation and planning. If you run your life with precision, colour coded diaries, and a selection of post-its, you may struggle when things take an unexpected turn, or you run into an unplanned situation. How can you deal with it?


During the working day, most people follow a set routine and attend to daily processes. When other things interrupt your flow, it may throw you off course. Maintaining a level of flexibility is crucial, and you shouldn’t be so rigid that you struggle to adapt to last-minute shifts.

If you’re responsible for planning client events, along with a well-planned schedule, you should integrate some extra time and backup plans in case things go wrong. This is wise as even the best-laid plans sometimes get disrupted. If you have catering in place for clients, check with companies a few days before that all is well and confirm delivery times and schedule. If it’s an evening event and you have catered for a specific number of people that increases unexpectedly you could contact who offer a London based delivery service within 30-45 minutes of ordering; great for last-minute alcohol requirements delivered straight to your door or office premises.

If you work with a team, try to delegate tasks as needed and find solutions together if things go wrong. Don’t be tempted to try to solve everything yourself; this is counterproductive and can cause unnecessary stress.

Stay positive. When plans change, it’s easy to go into a spiral of negative thinking and panic. However, focusing on problem-solving positively and happily will help you resolve the issue as stress-free as possible.


Being organized is important; however, it’s possible to over plan. When schedules, diaries, meetings and social gatherings are so rigid, it’s difficult to meet all demands. Incorporating flexibility and understanding that some changes are inevitable will reduce the stress felt in everyday life. It’s wise to remember some of the best days/evenings/activities are unplanned and unexpected. Expectations can cause disappointment which then affects enjoyment. Some of the best memories are often nights where friends have popped over; you weren’t expected ing to see them,  you crack open some wine, or get delivery and share some quality time catching up on life. You might decide to head out to a bar or club, which results in a great time you will reminisce upon many years in the future. Embracing spontaneity and accepting the fluidity of life can create a growth mindset and enable one to deal with things that change. Life’s regrets come from not experiencing things or saying no when you should have said yes.

Although it sounds like a contradiction, always plan some unplanned time. Scheduling time to just be in the moment and go with the flow will allow you to relax and build strength when you need planning and strict adherence to a routine.This helps you recharge and energize your mind and body.

Last-minute changes need not significantly impact your daily life as long as you stay positive and mindful, you can deal with all life throws at you calmly and successfully.

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