How to clean & maintain a commercial oven?


Commercial convection ovens are best known for their speedy performance, giving 25 percent faster output as compared to the usual contraptions. So you get to heat the food quick and save heat consumption but keeping them clean and maintained for longevity is the biggest challenge.

Follow the simple rule that is; take care of your equipment/appliance and it’ll take care of you! The easiest ways to clean the oven, whether commercial or the usual start by reading the owner’s manual and proceed accordingly.

Most suppliers are happy to provide post-purchase details having in-depth knowledge of the product as well as pre-purchase care tips without any additional cost.

Door maintenance

With time, most commercial ovens become inefficient in terms of heat output and overall cooking quality. For instance, a particular recipe that takes 30 minutes to prepare is now taking 50-60 minutes.

Besides this, utility cost of heat would also increase so all these issues need quick-fix door treatment. To maintain tighter fit of the oven door seal;

  • Regularly check the seal and,
  • Avoid excess pressure or force on the oven door

To check the grip, suppliers usually recommend sticking a paper in between the door seal. If it slides in and out smoothly, seal is too slack and you may need replacing gasket or hinge.

Thermostat calibration

Yet another reason for inefficient performance is a poorly calibrated thermostat so you should properly check it after every few months. To recalibrate, use the internal oven thermometer to compare and set the standard temperature. In case the difference still persists, modify overall oven controls or replace the regulator/thermostat.

Button/program settings

Predetermined buttons or cooking programs for particular items for instance “10 minute to boil rice” may become poorly calibrated with time. Simple solution is to recalibrate the settings or better call in a professional for technical assistance.

Cleaning tips

Performance issues also come forth when your oven isn’t properly cleaned. This can be anything from stuck-up food debris, smoke or any other thing. For such issues, simple cleaning is preferred and here’s how to do it right;

  • Inside of the oven must be cleaned immediately if there’s a spill as unnecessary delay may worsen the heat mechanism, resulting in degraded food quality.
  • Depending on per day use, you need to clean it multiple times or once every day. While most of the commercial ovens can be cleaned with a dishwashing detergent or liquid, it’s better to check owner’s manual for optimistic results.
  • Crumbs and leftovers must be cleaned immediately as they cause smoke and ruin food flavour. Overdone crumbs can be burn thus raising potential risk of fire and smoke so unnecessary drag only puts you and the oven in peril.
  • Racks must be cleaned separately by dunking them in a tub of boiling water and liquid soap which will melt away grime completely.
  • Deep clean treatment is necessary for commercial oven once every month along with service maintenance to increase longevity.


The easiest ways to clean the oven; commercial range are outlined above so pay close attention to the details for better results.

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