6 Amazing Time-Saving Cleaning Techniques for Housemaids


If you are amongst the top housemaids in Dubai, it’s time for you to realize that your employer expects top quality cleaning. Since the property owners are looking for the perfect housecleaning, it’s essential for you to be aware of some techniques that will help you get more done in the least possible time. Some housecleaning experts have suggested 6 useful tricks to clean the house quickly while keeping up with the quality.

Make it Mess-less first

Most of the housemaids in Dubai face it usually. Well, it’s not less than a moment of dread for them when they front a plethora of clutter. Without feeling like smashing your head over the wall, it’s better to deal with it ideally. The best way to do that is just start with the biggest mess first as it’s the most effective tip to get rid of huge mess quickly. Therefore, start with the biggest to end with smallest.

Toothbrush is a Magic Wand

Truly, yes it is. Since there are tons of tools that help housemaids in Dubai with the perfect cleaning but still there are few areas, edges or corners where sponge and clothes can make a way to. There you can use the toothbrush as it reaches those areas easily and ensure perfect cleaning.

Microfiber Cloth

This is the only type that’s being widely used in the cleaning industry. In fact, cleaners only prefer the microfiber cloth as they believe that it’s the best piece of cloth that ensures finest cleaning. So always use the microfiber cloth in order to make sure the best results.

Use the Cleaning Solutions

You can go with the vinegar and lemon juice if you are more inclined towards homemade cleaners. In case you are comfortable with store-bought solutions, it’s good too. No Matter whichever solution you use, it’s important to spray it first and let the solution soak in for a while. Till then, you can get done with other stuff. It will reduce your effort over the surface cleaning and you can easily do that.

Vacuum First

Just like you mostly sweep and then mop, it’s even better and faster to do vacuum and mop. In fact, it’s one of the highly practiced quick-housecleaning techniques. So just incorporate this tip into your daily housekeeping concerns and enjoy your quick moves.

Be Careful with Electronics

It will eventually save you as well as the electronics. You might be aware of it but for those of you, who don’t know, never spray directly over the TV or Monitor screen. It’s good to use the microfiber cloth for screen cleaning and make sure to unplug it first. It’s even better top dampen the cloth with distilled water so that you can get even better results.

In a nutshell, these are some really useful tips that can help you save your time while cleaning. In fact, you might even get appreciated by your employer due to your fast and efficient cleaning. So just do it faster and enjoy the praises.


If you are a housemaid and willing to learn fast cleaning techniques, just check out some in this article.


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