How to Choose Right Online Broker


The broker is the primary person; you will connect to when you begin your journey of investing money. Picking the best online broker is your priority before starting any investment. If you have started investing recently then selecting the best broker might be difficult. You need to learn one thing first that it’s different from choosing a stock. All brokers are not right for all investors.

Before you start looking for the top online stock brokers, it’s always better to do proper research and study well about it. There are many companies offering the online trading services but which are best for you?  Well, here is the guide you need, to select the best broker.

Investment limit

How much you would like to spend on investment may change your need of the broker. There is a standard range for investment that every investor needs to follow. There are many reasons for which brokers put an investment limit for starting it. First, it’s hard for the stock broker or brokerage firm to make money off small accounts. Many mutual funds also have a minimum limit for investment because small amount can actually struggle to invest. Second, Smaller money you invest, harder it will diversify properly. So, it’s not necessary to invest the small amount. Top online stock brokers that have higher account balance requirements are also good. Once you will receive the capital back, you can transfer the surplus.

How much commission you will pay

Online brokers offer investments like individual stocks, options, bonds, and mutual funds. Some brokers also deal in future contracts and exchange traded funds. You need to pay attention to two points before appointing any broker. First, whether it can meet your investment goal and second how much commission you have to pay for it. Every type of investment has the different type of commission. Brokers do not provide commission-free exchange traded fund. That’s why determining the type of investment can reduce your cost.

Account fees

You cannot completely avoid the account fees but you can cut it. Usually, all the  brokers will charge fees for transferring funds or closing the account. If you are transferring the funds to a new broker, he can offer you a discount up to a particular limit. Other fees you can avoid by appointing a broker that doesn’t charge them. You can cut fee such as an annual fee, inactivity fee, trading platform fee and paper statement fees.

Your trading style and technical requirements

If you are the new investor, you may not remain active often, so choose the broker that doesn’t charge inactive fees. Explore the brokers that can offer you investment at the best price. You don’t need investment advice like advance trading platform. You want a little education necessary for you. Many reliable online brokers offer free access to trading platform and tools. So, don’t go for a paid service.

Discount deals

Online brokers offer good deals to attract new customers. They offer a commission-free trade or cashback rewards on deposit. It’s not a good choice to select a broker according to the deals. They can anytime recover the promotional amount from you. So, if you are confusing among two brokers then you can choose the one offering good promotional scheme.

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