Beautiful Seaside Cities In Croatia You Should Know About


All the seasoned travelers will agree that the most attractive sights of Croatia lie along its spectacular coast. The country is home to pristine sandy beaches that are washed by the frothy waves of the Adriatic Sea. Adorning these beaches are several medieval towns that display the cultural diversity of this region in the form of mighty monuments, enthralling festivals, and serene churches. These seaside cities of Croatia are the best places to witness the architecture inspired by the various civilizations that thrived along the shores and to immerse in the resplendent natural beauty of the landscape. Here are some of the unsung heroes of the Croatian coast, the lesser known seaside cities that bear some fantastic treasures for the tourists.


The city of Sibenik may not look particularly attractive when viewed from the outskirts but once you enter its pulsating heart, you will be blown away by its rustic elegance. Most popular as the gateway to the Kornati Islands and the Krka National Park, Sibenik boasts of several gems of its own. The imposing architecture of the St. James Cathedral and the vibrant greenery of the Medieval Mediterranean Monastery Park are incredibly enchanting, as is the collection of artifacts spanning several centuries that is exhibited at the Sibenik City Museum. Head over to St. Michael’s Fortress for a breathtaking view of the sea or to the more modern Aquarium Terrarium Sibenik to admire some vividly hued marine life. You will never run out of options to keep yourself mesmerized in this alluring city.


The town of Zadar has a multitude of facets and is famous for its bustling nightlife, intriguing Roman ruins, and ancient churches. Two of the most unique and somewhat quirky attractions of this town are the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation, creations of the local architect Nikola Basic. While the former is a staircase which is embedded with whistles and pipes that replicate the music of the sea, the latter is a pavement layered with glass plates that collect the sun’s energy to produce a mystical light show. This modern way to celebrate the forces of nature is something that you can witness only in Zadar. Other places worth visiting include the ruins of the Roman Forum, St. Donatus’ Church and the Museum of Ancient Glass that displays vials, jars, and goblets from the Roman era.


Trogir is a town that is known for its gorgeous seaside promenade that is lined with restaurants and cafes but its interiors are equally charming. The maze of narrow streets is decorated by medieval buildings that display Renaissance and Romanesque architecture while the museums are capable of transporting you back in time to the different chapters of Croatia’s history. Trogir is home to a number of majestic monuments such as the Kamerlengo Castle and the Grand Cipiko Palace. It is also a land of beautiful beaches such as the Medena Beach and the Okrug Gornji Beach. While St. Lawrence’s Cathedral is famous for its intricate design, the Museum of Sacred Art is home to some awe inspiring paintings. A visit to the Town Hall that dates back to the 15th century is also recommended to admire its grand interiors and the monumental staircase.

These lesser known destinations possess a spellbinding beauty that gets enhanced due to the tranquil environment that they offer. Real estate market in these places also offer some great opportunities for buying property in Croatia. Devoid of the touristy attractions, these seaside towns really present the true splendor of Croatia and provide a chance to indulge in the authentic colors, flavors, and culture of the marvelous nation.

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