How Long Can Preserved Flowers Last?


Feel love the flowers you received withered? Don’t throw it away! Save and preserve flowers so that memories with your loved ones will last forever.

There are two ways to preserve flowers. The two methods include preserved flowers and dried flowers.

Preserved flowers usually still have the original texture of the flower. However, the original color and aroma will fade and disappear. Meanwhile, dried flowers are flowers that are dried by removing the moisture content so that the texture tends to be crispy and easily crushed when held.

Preserved flowers do not need to be watered and can enjoy their beauty for a long time. This makes them popular as gifts for special occasions, such as birthdays or Mother’s Day. Not only that, but you can also use it to decorate your home.

You can enjoy preserved flowers for years without water. Preserved flowers are also easy to care. So they are often used as room decorations or as gifts.

You certainly want to enjoy the bright colors for a long time, right? Place it in a shady place.

Preserved Flower Trends Today

Preserved Flowers Singapore is currently being loved by young people to be used as birthday and anniversary gifts for loved ones. Preserved Flower was chosen because it is practical and how to care for it is not a hassle. The cool shape and way of packaging make this flower even more popular as a gift.

In addition, Preserved Flowers are also preferred over dried or synthetic flowers. One of the reasons is because Preserved Flowers have the advantage of having the same shape and characteristics. For example, when it is freshly picked so that the beauty and aesthetics of the shape are still maintained.

Tips for Choosing Preserved Flowers

First, choose a product based on its color. Color is an important aspect. The use of a special liquid makes preserved flowers have many color variations. Even if you use the same flower and arrangement, the impression can be different depending on the color.

Of course, you want to give a gift that makes the recipient feel good. If you are confused about choosing the right color, try to imagine a color that fits that person. For example, you might consider a color that the recipient likes or is likely to match. Maybe you can see it from the items or the color of clothes that the person often wears.

Second, choose a product based on its size. Preserved flower arrangements are available in various sizes. You will find the preserved products in small, palm-sized boxes. There are also large products that are often mistaken for real flowers.

Choosing the right size product is very important, especially if you are using it as a decoration. That way, you can avoid feeling disappointed when the size doesn’t match your expectations.

Third, choose a product based on the number of real flowers used. There is a preserved flower arrangement, all of which are made from real flowers. However, there are also flower arrangements whose contents are a combination of preserved flowers and artificial flowers.

The price of preserved flower arrangements from real flowers tends to be more expensive than flower arrangements mixed with imitation flowers. This is very reasonable considering that preserved flowers from real flowers will produce a very stunning beauty. However, that does not mean that flower arrangements mixed with faux flowers look bad. Lots of good quality artificial flowers too.

Finally, select the product according to your preferences and desired nuances. There are so many unique and interesting ways to make preserved flower arrangements. You can put it in a pot, box, can, or another object. Combining it with dolls, music boxes, clocks, and various other objects is worth a try.

Tips for Caring for Preserved Flowers

Before you decide to buy or give Preserved Flowers, it would be better if we know in advance how to take care of this type of flower. First, Clean the Preserved Flower slowly and periodically. Make sure you are careful when cleaning Preserved Flowers because the texture of the flowers that are still like the original makes the flowers a little fragile.

Second, don’t let the Preserved Flower hit the water. Unlike fresh flowers, Preserved Flowers are water-resistant. Water can damage the Preserved Flower and become rotten. Third, Keep Preserved Flowers from sun exposure. Fourth, put the Preserved Flower at room temperature. Fifth, Keep Preserved Flowers out of reach of children and pets.

How To Get It

There are lots of online shops that sell preserved flowers. Although we can make it ourselves, buying it at the store is much more effective. You will get a well-preserved quality. In addition, the online store also provides the same day delivery flower Singapore service.

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