Avoid Small Fights at Home by Communicating Properly


Did you know that everyone is always communicating with one another? However, it does not necessarily mean that everyone understands each other. There are actual words apart, and people unconsciously communicate via nonverbal like cues as well as body language. People connect through the tone of their voices and interact through their behavior.

Younger couples in a relationship who cannot seem to discover how to communicate often face issues. From simple things at home such as who will take out the trash, who would call the air conditioning maintenance professionals, and even what Netflix shows to watch. Having poor communication can lead to more serious issues with intimacy and understanding.

Understanding your partner’s inner workings as well as having them recognize your own is critical to real connection. If you struggle to interact in such a way that progresses your relationship, you might find yourselves growing apart someday.

The absence of communication can’t be disregarded, especially in circumstances where you actively seem like you can’t communicate with your partner.

If you and your partner are having troubles at home, here are some things that might help:

  1. Learn and understand your partner’s communication style

So does he tend to run away to cool down after a fight? Does she tend to respond better with post-it reminders? Or does she like to be verbally reminded of some house chores?

Psychology’s attachment theory is about each person’s way of communication, shaped by the type of treatment they obtained from their earliest childhood memories. So, if one or both of you have insecurity mixed into your relationship, you will tend to create unhealthy expectations with others. As opposed to stable coping mechanisms and consistent communication. Finally, if unhealthy communication endures in your relationship, there would be a specific moment that your communication patterns will be driven by anxiety as opposed to credibility.

Insecurities in attachment are when a person replies to their own needs by either desperately running away from them or aggressively pursuing. In these kinds of situations, it is essential to learn what will make your partner feel secure to address the issue and be part of communication. Even if that means accepting that you have to take out the trash every night.

See, communication means that instead of being defensive that you need to do such a chore, learn how to communicate and say, “One moment, I’ll just finish work.”

If you have a significant other with an avoidant communication style, they tend to demand space. You can respond to this by asking them to connect with you slowly, provide them time to think. Or use a few of tools messaging tools to ease the person in.

If you have someone with a nervous communication approach, it’s essential to connect to them in a manner that is predictable. It helps them by actively reassuring them of your feelings for them.

  1. Learn about any unbalance and inequalities

An emotion mismatch means both persons in the relationship have different views and feelings regarding a certain issue or subject. One companion believes that sensations are practical to discuss as well as feel, while the other companion thinks they are purposeless. When couples have an emotion mismatch, it can be challenging to sit down and talk about it.

See, getting your companion to connect with you is challenging, especially if they do not feel the same way. So, it’s important to understand what you both consider emotions. How were they refined when you were a child? Did you believe it was helpful?

Then, explore together exactly how to communicate with each other more effectively. It could mean learning to allow your significant other to tell you how they are feeling before you proceed to provide them with solutions. Some people want to be listened to instead of being advised what to do.

  1. Address past issues that need to be dealt with

Another factor you might be having a hard time with is since something painful has taken place in your relationship that hasn’t been healed yet. Perhaps there was a betrayal, or someone said something and hasn’t apologized yet. So, to move forward and also to begin connecting with each other much better, you’ll need to process these unaddressed things, reconstruct trust, and also forgive each other.

If your partner is challenging communicating with even with smaller things at home, it is best to adjust instead of getting frustrated and mad about it. There are reasons why people are the way they are now, and it is usually because of unaddressed issues. So, find your way around the issue and help them address everything.

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