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Bathrooms are one of the common rooms homeowners want to remodel. Why? That’s because they’re a crucial room in your home and one that offers an excellent return on investment, even if on a rental property. For homes with smaller guests bathrooms, you might have to tap on your creative side to maximize the space.

You could use the walls for storage, but don’t create a dangerous headroom or try to overwhelm your eyes. Your small bathroom shouldn’t limit your designs, so talk to a plumbing company if you’re looking for ideas that will fit your needs. You could also refer to this guide to have a functional and stylish bathroom under budget.

Getting Rid of Your Bathtub

Bathtubs could be a stylish addition for everyone, from your pets to elderly relatives and babies. Getting in the bathtub after a long day in the office will help you get rid of what’s holding you back, be it the pressure from your manager or frustrations.

Even if a garden tub is a selling point for families with young kids or infants, bathtubs are suitable for families searching for a fixture for their master bathroom. On average, bathtubs could occupy nearly 13 square feet of the bathroom. If you have a smaller room, getting rid of that enormous fixture could maximize your space.

Installing a bathtub isn’t helpful if you want to maximize the space of your small guest bathroom. If you only have one bathroom, your best option is to install a shower head instead of a bathtub. By getting rid of the bathtub, you have a bigger area to reconsider the ideas you have in mind.

Don’t Forget About the Flow.

Whether it’s installed on-site or a prefabricated piece, you should pick a minimalistic style for your shower enclosures. Don’t pick materials that will make it feel small and limit the bathroom’s overall size. One of the best ways to do that is using open or glass enclosures. Don’t try to use drywall or tiles for this part of the bathroom.

You could also use materials that allow light to pass through the enclosure. Having that kind of enclosure will give your bathroom a comfier ambiance. Instead of using frosted glass, use the clear ones to get a feeling of adding more space to the bathroom.

But there’s a catch. You have to keep it clean to continuously enjoy the benefits of these minimalist visual styles and clean lines. Get rid of dirt and clutter to make the bathroom seem bigger. It would help if you got rid of marks on the glass to add space to the room visually.

Get Creative With the Design

Large bathrooms can accommodate prebuilt storage spaces and cabinets, but smaller bathrooms don’t have that kind of space. It would help if you tapped on your creative side when it comes to storage and cabinets. You could maximize the space and keep it looking bigger by tapping on your creative side. Don’t use underused or traditionally used areas as storage spaces.

In the shower, you can add a basket in the shower wall for your hygiene and cleaning products instead of leaving it out in the open. That could be an excellent way to add functional storage spaces. On top of wall storage, you could also opt for a medicine cabinet to store your daily-use products to avoid clutter along the way.

Use an extra-deep cabinet if you have more space in the wall. That’s because it could give you more options without wasting space. It would help if you were cautious when installing one. Make sure to insulate around or behind the cabinet to control the temperature and prevent your products from losing heat or freezing in the cold.

Make the Room Bright

You should bear in mind that having excellent lighting adds more to the room. Using vanity lights for bathrooms could add design elements, and you could place them above the medicine cabinet or sink. Your bathroom will feel more comfortable if you have more light, especially if it’s natural lighting.

While high-quality fixtures are excellent alternatives, natural lighting is the best weapon you could use to make the room bigger. Have a defined lighting plan if your bathroom is tiny. Your bathroom will feel more spacious if you add more natural light.

If you notice that the bathroom is too dark, add a window to let natural light enter. Your shower’s sidewall is one of the best spots to install a window.

You have different options for remodeling your small guest bathroom. Your goal is to make it comfier during your next remodeling project. Don’t hesitate to mix and match a few elements to expand your space and design options.

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