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Learn how to live with diabetes

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It is usual to sense overloaded, angry, or unhappiness when you are existing with diabetes. Maybe you know the procedure that you should take to stay fit, but have a problem sticking along with your plan over time. This article has guidelines on how to deal with your diabetes, be active, and eat well.

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Deal with your diabetes

  • Stress can boost your blood glucose level. Learn the methods to decrease your stress. Try gardening, deep breathing, meditating, taking a walk, fulfilling your hobbies, or listening to songs.
  • Ask for help in case you feel low. A mental fitness counselor, support group, member of the clergy, family member, or friend who will pay attention to your worries may assist you to sense better.


Eat Well

  • Prepare a diabetes diet plan with the assistance of your fitness care team.
  • Choose meals that can be low in saturated fat, calories, sugar, trans fat, and salt.
  • Have foods having greater fiber which includes bread, whole grain cereals, rice, crackers, or pasta.
  • Choose meals that include vegetables, fruits, bread, whole grains, and cereals, and less-fat or cheese and milk.
  • Drink water rather than juice and ordinary soda.
  • When consuming a meal, fill half of your platter with vegetables and fruits, one quarter with a lean protein, such as beans, chicken and one quarter with a whole grain, such as whole-wheat pasta or brown rice.


Be Active

  • Set an aim to be extra energetic in maximum days of the week. Begin gradually by taking 10-minute walks, thrice a day.
  • Two times a week, work to boost your muscular strength. Make use of stretch bands, do yoga or push-ups.
  • Stay at or get to a wholesome weight through the use of your diet plan and moving more.


Know what you should do every day

  • Complete your medication for diabetes and other health troubles even while you feel pleasant. Ask your physician if you require aspirin to save you from a stroke or heart attack. Make sure your doctor knows in case you are not able to afford your medication or when you are having any after-effects.
  • Look over your feet each day if it is having any blisters, cuts, swelling, and red spots. Call your fitness care team instantly for any swelling that does not move away.
  • Brush your teeth and floss each day to maintain your teeth, mouth, and gums healthy.
  • Discontinue smoking. Ask for assistance to quit.
  • Keep records of your blood glucose levels. You may require to test it more than one time a day. Make use of the card in the back of the booklet to keep a track of your blood glucose numbers. Make sure to consult about it with your fitness care team.
  • Test your blood pressure if your physician suggests and keep a track of it.


If you want to consult about your diabetes-related problems, you can surely book an appointment or directly contact Dr. Vina Bang, one of the best doctors for diabetes in Nagpur.


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