Haven Convention 2017 by Chris Oyakhilome


Pastor Chris Oyakhilomeis a renowned figure in the world of spreading the gospel in the world. The Nigerian-born clergy is the founding father of the great Christ Embassy which engages in various activities. For over two decades, the multi-talented Chris Oyakhilome has been an inspirational figure to many people through his daily sermons and teachings. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is also known as a healing minister, an author and a person who invites many people in his TV station. He has millions of followers in all corners of the world. Many of his supporters have their lives transformed by listening to pastor’s sermons, tutorials and attending to his events. The pastor has various programs to support the disadvantaged people in the society by paying school fees, medical bills and providing basic needs to many. He is a renowned philanthropist, and he uses most of his resources by upgrading the lives of many in the society.

Christ Embassy has a head quarter in Lagos Nigeria which is a hometown for Chris Oyakhilome. However, other many churches are belonging to this ministry in various part of the world. Many of the followers also attend Worship, and Communion Service organized by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at the National Sports Stadium. This was a remarkable event for Chris Oyakhilome which attracted thousands of people from different locations. Many of the attendants were filled with hope, joy and their faith towards God was rejuvenated. The pastor he regularly organizes annual crusades in various countries where he attracts nor only locals, but many people from different races and countries. The pastor has authored the bestselling book “Rhapsody of Realities” where the ministry has sold millions of copies within a short period. The book is an inspirational one and teaches the believers on how to remain steadfast no matter the challenges they come across in the long journey to heaven.

The Haven is one of the set objectives which is done in every year by all the members of Christ Embassy ministry. This year the people of Lagos were happy as the conference was held in their city. The congregation was attended by thousands of individuals from various countries. Pastor Chris who was the presiding speaker insisted on the preparedness of the coming of the Messiah. The conference was full of worship, praises and the central message was about salvation.

It is in this year both pastor Chris, and his colleague pastor Benny Hinn of Benny Hinn ministries partnered to launch together a TV channel which will be broadcasting across the USA and to many parts of the world. Olympusat, an independent media company, will be running the satellite which will be used by the pastor to spread his ministry all over the world. The TV channel will enable the pastor to reach many people to the far end where the pastor has never landed. The pastor will be having more than one hour of the airtime to preach to the viewers and share with them the word of God.

In early this year the ministry revealed how they have been able to reach many people in different regions through gospel music and Arts (LFMA 2017). Nowadays, people have become so busy and fail to attend the church meetings; but by the launching of the TV program, they will be able to listen to the word in the comfort of their house and at their own time. The TV program will open a platform where artists, counselors, men, and women of God will be meeting and sharing their testimony with the viewers. This will bring a significant impact to spreading the word of God without barriers and improving the lives of many sick people in hospital wards who cannot make to attend the seminars and crusades. The TV channel will be accessed in the given website for the people outside USA where by the help of internet will be able to watch the TV programs.

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