4 Major Risks Of Moving House By Yourself


Where the decision of moving house is important and exciting it is also confusing that whether DIY move is better or hiring professionals will be a great option. Many people may get confused when it comes to choosing between do it yourself or hiring professional man and van house removals services. However, this decision is highly influenced by the number of factors such as distance, total budget and costs, how much stuff you’re moving and more.

From packing to lifting, loading, transporting to unloading and unpacking there are several things that need to be considered. Additionally, moving is a process that requires a lot of work and effort both mentally and physically. That’s why most of the people prefer to hire professional movers for this purpose. Instead of discussing the benefits or reasons of hiring a moving company, this article highlights some major risks of moving house by yourself.

  1. High level of stress and personal injuries

First and foremost, stress and personal injuries are the potential risks associated with the self moving. From sorting and packing goods to planning and scheduling a house move, time, stuff and money, everything needs to be considered carefully and all these things are stressful. This is why the entire moving process is one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life. Packing is tiring and can be done by yourself without any problem but lifting and loading heavy furniture and moving boxes can cause severe backache, accidental or personal injuries. So, don’t compromise on your health and safety.

  1. Lost Time

Self-moving is time and energy consuming as you will need a lot more time in searching and collecting the quality packaging material, hiring a right size moving truck or vehicle, packing all the household items, convincing friends or family to come over for help and loading and arranging the moving boxes. It may take a long time to schedule or prepare for a move. This is why investing is searching and choosing the right company offering best man and van house removals services will be time saving.

  1. High Moving Costs

Many people do not hire professional movers just because of their limited budget and assume self moving is cheaper. But sometimes when house move is not organized properly, it will cost higher than moving companies. It seems very easy, especially in a short distance move to take the help of friends. But be sure to calculate the total cost of hiring a truck or moving vehicle, packing supplies, insurance, some necessary moving tools or equipment, fuel, tax, food, charges for parking and more before planning a DIY move.

  1. Damaged Items

Another major risk of moving by yourself is the damage of your expensive household items. The professional movers expertly disassemble large furniture pieces, disconnect appliances and pack fragile items by using latest techniques and tricks. But not everyone is an expert in handling, packing and loading heavy and expensive items. So, the risk of damaging expensive household items as well as property is high on DIY move. Moreover, the biggest risk of self moving is that your valuable belongings are not covered under an insurance policy.

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