Happy Wheels Unblocked: Make sure your driver doesn’t lose his head at the finish line!


Video game sales continue to rise year after year. In 2016, the video game industry sold more than 24,500 million games (in 2015 it was 23,200 million). Among them, the genres of action and adventure take the highest percentages of sales, with games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto or Battlefield. Millions of people have fun with video games every day, with the average player being an adult over 30 years of age. For the youngest, parents believe that video games have a positive influence on the lives of their children. Is it like that?

Is there a consensus in the scientific community?

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Of course there is always controversy on almost everything including how games affect humans but behind a myriad of problems there is always a set of benefits. Games have been proven to be able to increase human creativity to a certain extent as long as they are played within reasonable limits.

Games can reduce feelings of saturation and arouse mood

Many games come to us but how to choose the best? There are various parameters that we can use to assess but the level of adrenaline is one of the most influential classical factors. Happy Wheels Unblocked is a barrier game that will spur your adrenaline. Developed by Jim Bonacci, Jack Zankowski and Fancy Force, this is a game with a simple concept but can be addictive. If you don’t like thinking too far in playing, Happy Wheels Unblocked is one of the interesting options.

Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version

This is one of the most striking results of the flash game industry. Happy Wheels Unblocked is a very fun game to play on almost all devices. Of course you can play it for free. For lovers of dark humor, this is the one that best represents their taste. The best part of Happy Wheels Unblocked is how this game can get rid of boredom immediately. You must try it at least once!

For some people, watching a lot of players fail thousands of times in completing the race track (many people playing Happy Wheels Unblocked and broadcasting it on Youtube) is very fun. I personally really enjoyed the times when I laughed at many people who made various silliness in this game (of course before I really tried it!). In plain view, from the many gameplay recordings of Happy Wheels Unblocked circulating on Youtube, we can conclude how high its popularity is.

However interesting a game is, there will always be times when you are saturated. Yes! This is also my experience when I play Happy Wheels Unblocked but when compared to many other great games, this is the last game that will bring boredom to play. The ridiculous mechanics make sure everyone laughs out loud from the beginning to the end. You can take a lot of excitement at the same time and this is the main advantage of Happy Wheels Unblocked!

Officially available but widely marketed on various personal sites

This fun game is provided online on its official website but is marketed on various personal sites, illustrating that the popularity of the game invites many people to profit from marketing it.

Based on ragdoll

Before playing for the first time, you need to know that this is an online game based on ragdoll. Ragdoll is a mechanism for physics-based games and behind its simplicity; you may need to think a little. Released 8 years ago, this ragdoll based game really attracted many people who wanted “the difficulties behind simplicity”.

Spilled blood is normal

For some people, this game is not suitable for children to play because they will get used to seeing blood scattering throughout the game. However many people consider the scattering of blood everywhere not an indication that Happy Wheels Unblocked really carries sadistic behavior. This game has a main motive which for some people is quite sadistic; make sure your drivers don’t get their heads pulled from their bodies. Quality graphic elements dominate many things of the game; beheading, shooting, destruction … but instead of being creepy all of that was packed into a pretty ridiculous thing.

User interaction

User interaction is one of the things promoted by this game. One of the requirements to promote user interaction is the existence of an extraordinary level design tool and fortunately, this game provides it. For information, this level can be uploaded to a public server, allowing many people to check your map and put it in their game if they wish.

But … How to play this game?

Simple! You only need to go through the following simple steps:

– Open the official site.
– Click on the game tab followed by clicking on the black screen.
– Activate the flash player on your device and after activation you can choose the level of the game you want to play.
– Start your adventure and make sure your driver stays intact at the finish line!

When you experience a problem and your game doesn’t work

If you meet your game does not work then it must be due to bad network and of course you will find a bad network (when playing this) in your office. For information, along with the popularity of Happy Wheels Unblocked which is getting higher day by day, many companies realize that this game can disrupt the performance of employees. On the other hand, you can be sure that this game is really very interesting.


But don’t worry!

I certainly don’t advise you to corrupt time by playing Happy Wheels Unblocked in your working hours but if you find this game blocked in places that should not prohibit gaming activities you can use a VPN or proxy. You can use the Proxy method to play Happy Wheels Unblocked! Choose a proxy service that you like and you might find the game is slowing down in some sectors but it is still reasonable.

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