With the technological progression and digital advancements, the popularity graph of parental control applications is increasing day by day among parents. In this epoch where every individual has to face fierce competition and strong antagonism among colleagues, parents live the busiest life ever. It is not easy to be a parent. Parenting is extremely challenging especially in this rapid paced lifestyles we are leading. Parents have to keep a balance between their personal and professional lives which is no doubt a very tough task.  This busy routine counts as one of the many reasons that most parents prefer to use the best parental control app i.e. FamilyTime to monitor the ongoing online activities of their kids.

FamilyTime app offer numerous features which are all very considerate and thoughtful in promoting better parenting. The benefits that FamilyTime provides are equally valuable for the welfare of parents and children alike.

Here are only four advantages among the many benefits, FamilyTime parental control app offers.

1.     You Can Limit the Screen Time of Your Teens

The obsession of screen among kids has become a predominant fact. We can see the influence of internet and screen addiction in almost every teen’s day to day routine. They just don’t seem to be able to put down their smart phones for a while. Most of the kids even forget to keep a track of time while using electronic gadgets. Ignoring all the important assignments, missing out the family gatherings or staying inside their rooms instead of going on hangouts with their friends are all indications of severe screen addiction. By using FamilyTime parental control app, it is easier than ever to control screen addiction of kids. You can simply lock their phone for a certain time period in order to get their attention.

2.     You Can Track the Location of Your Teens

With the growing air of insecurity and violence, parents always feel anxious about the whereabouts of their kids. They are in constant state of agony wishing the security of their kids. Using the supreme feature of locator app of FamilyTime, the distress of parents can be minimized to an enormous extent. FamilyTime lets you track the current location of your teen. It also keeps in data the record of the place your teen has been visiting frequently. The geo-fencing of locations parental control offers includes marking a location as safe place and sends alerts to parents whenever their kids enter or leave a geo-fenced location. This way parents can also make sure that their kids are not visiting any place which they don’t want their kids to go to.

3.     You Can Block Unwanted App from Your Teen’s Phone

Teens get distracted due to the several addicting applications and games available on internet. FamilyTime lets you block any undesirable app. Dating apps and gaming apps specially take a lot of time of teens. Therefore, it is better to block such apps before your teen gets obsessed with such apps. By the help of FamilyTime app blocker, you can effortlessly control the temptation of your teens towards such apps.

4.     You Can Manage Internet Exposure of Your Teens

Internet is full of choices and in this scenario, keeping kids safe from bad content is highly recommended. For that too FamilyTime app offers a list of features such as enabling safe search on kids’ device and putting internet filters. With these two features, parents can easily manage what sites their kids can access and which not as these features filters out adult content, and unwanted sites from the most popular search engines i.e. Google, Bing and Youtube and show kids content good for them.

This is not all rather the list of FamilyTime’s benefits goes on. To see how does the app help parents exactly, give it a free try. You can get the app now on your phone simply by installing it from the app store.

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