Gift Basket Ideas – The Ultimate List of Perfect, Affordable DIYs


Giving gifts is our way of showing appreciation and gratitude to a person. Incorporating baskets to these presents will make amazing, affordable, and memorable gifts. Just pick the item s carefully and pay attention to the presentation. 

Isn’t it overwhelming to receive a gift with basket during holidays? Who doesn’t right? The good thing is you can assemble a DIY gift basket or try something you can find in this Website.

Here are the guidelines to choose the perfect basket:

Opt for Reasonable Priced Baskets

The trick is to look for good and cheap alternatives. It can be one of the following:

  • Look for reusable cardboard box and wrap both the bottom and inside sides with pretty paper. Use this as your basket perfect for flowers. Any shape will do as long as it will suit the task.
  • Basket from past gift is a win-win deal. Nobody is going to know, especially if it is as good as new. Just don’t forget the givers so it won’t be tacky giving them their own presents.
  • Recreate baskets that can be bought from thrift shops. You can give new life to it by spraying paint and adding some flower petals, ribbon or acorn around it.

Don’t push any basket that you find to suit every gift of your choice. The features of the basket should match the occasion. 

Useful Baskets

As mentioned above, cardboard boxes and using old gift baskets is less expensive but attractive at the same time. But if doing so will cause you so much hassle, better buy a new one.  When you buy, it’s a great idea to look for something like metal paint bucket, terra cotta clay pots, and metal colander.

Here are some themed basket ideas for everyone:

Spa Basket. This basket is perfect for gifts that are meant to give face and body relaxation. Fill it with organic soaps, bath gels, body washes, candles, lotions and a succulent for a naturistic finishing touch.

Minimalist Kitchen Basket. Stick with simple kitchen basket as it is usually filled with colorful stuff like towels, fruits, and vegetables.

Breakfast Gift Basket. This is exciting as you can get the receiver to actually taste your favorite breakfast. You can fill in some pancake mix or brownie mix together with blueberry jam an maple syrup. You can also add coffee beans and tea blend of your choice.

Here are some unique baskets ideas you might see for the first time.

Movie Night Basket. This is such an amazing idea to have one at your home. You can also give it to someone who really loves staycation while watching movie at home. Put in some popcorn, chocolate, and chips. Then, wrap it with cellophane and red ribbon

Wine basket. Want to give something good and classy gift? Try giving smooth alcoholic beverage of your preference. Use baskets with handle, add some ribbon and voila you already have a sophisticated present.

When giving gifts to someone you personally know or someone that is close to you, price usually doesn’t matter. What matters most is the effort, presentation and usefulness of the gift itself. This is one way of building a stronger communication to whoever these lucky persons are.

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