DIY Perfumes to Transform You Into a Fragrant Goddess


Fragrance adds confidence to anyone who wears it. It is not just the outfit we are making effort for but also we pick the best perfume every single day. It completes the get-up. A good fragrance is essential that is why we always put perfumes or cologne inside our go-to bag. Choosing our signature scent is another topic to discuss because we have different preferences when it comes to that. There are perfumes that an individual likes but the other does not. Thus, brands and perfume shops produce different scents of perfumes and colognes so that everyone will have options to choose from. Know more about fragrance 365 because they have a generous set of options. They also offer great deals which are good news for everyone. 

As a matter of fact, you can make your own signature scent. If you are sensitive or picky when it comes to smell, you can create your own signature scent that will make you feel like a goddess. But before doing so, there are important facts first that needs to be considered. If you will notice, the scent of your perfume changes from the moment you sprayed it in your body until the end of the day. It does not drastically and totally change but it does. That is because of perfume notes: the top notes, middle notes, and base notes.  

  • Top Notes – this is the first scent you will smell when you sprayed your perfume. This scent does not last long in the body. It evaporates quickly and the scent fades.

Examples: citrus, bergamot, lemon, sage, other fruity scents 

  • Middle Notes – when the top notes evaporate, you will notice the change in your scent when the citrusy and fruity smell fades and that is the time when you will smell the middle notes. 

Examples: flowery such as lavender, rose, nutmeg, jasmine, geranium)

  • Base Notes – this is final scent of your perfume. This what you will smell when you are going home and you did not re-spray perfume. This lasts long on your body and you will notice that even those parts where you did not spray perfume have the scent also. That is the base notes.

Examples: amber, vanilla, musk, patchouli, cedarwood

DIY Perfumes:

  1. For Vanilla scent lovers:


Small container just enough for perfume


1 Vanilla bean

Sunflower oil


Please note that the measurements for the ingredients will depend on the size of your container. Open the vanilla beans and push it inside the container then add the sunflower oil. Sit the mixture for two weeks but do not forget to shake gently every 3 days. After two weeks add the remaining ingredients then gently shake it. There, you have it!

  1. For Flower scent lovers (lavender):




Lemon and orange extract


Just blend all the ingredients inside the container. Gently shake the container. You can also make this perfume a body spray. Make the lavender, lemon and orange essential oils instead because the scent you will create in these ingredients are calming and not that strong smelling.

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