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Getting your BBQ ready for summer

It seems like no time at all since we were sat in the garden, having moved the television outside, embracing in one of the best summers of football we had witnessed in years. The last time England had reached the World Cup semi-finals Gary Lineker was at the helm — and surprisingly we don’t mean prime position at the top of the sofa.

No, with Gareth Southgate at the wheel, Kane up top, and Harry Maguire a brick wall at the back, we looked utterly unstoppable. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and our fate was decided at the hands of Croatia. That said, the weather we endured throughout the month of June was nothing short of spectacular. The sun was splitting the trees every day and thankfully, signals are pointing towards the fact this year will be no different.

What better way to celebrate some good old British sunshine, than by visiting the local butchers, picking up enough burgers and sausages to feed the five thousand, and dusting the cobwebs of the barbeque. Excitement builds around the house, this is your time to shine, who knows, perhaps you’ve even decided to invite the neighbours across.

But, then disaster strikes — as you go to light up the barbeque, you realise the gas has run out. What can initially seem like a daunting task is simplified by this walk-through guide on how to disconnect and replace your barbeque gas bottle. Not only will you have carried out the challenge in a safe efficient manner, your hero status will be re-established as you retake the ‘king of the grill’ position.



Cleaning up

Once you’ve whipped up a storm and become the talk of the neighbourhood thanks to your specialty steaks, you’ve reached everyone’s least enjoyable stage of the barbeque – cleaning up afterwards.

Not to worry we’ve some top tips in getting your barbeque back to spick and span before you require it again the next time the sun is out.

Follow the simple steps above in how to disconnect your gas bottle.

To take off any burnt food, while the grill is still warm, simply stick a fork in an onion and rub the vegetable along the bars. The juices of the onion effectively act as a steam cleaner.

Everyone thinks that because the grime on a barbeque is so thick, the only way to tackle it is with a high-pressure hose. Not only is this incorrect, it can also seriously damage your barbeque. If you have a grill brush, use it, if not some scrunched up tin foil and hot, soapy water is sufficient.

Now, you’ve spent all evening hard at work rustling up burger after burger, the last thing that crosses your mind would be pouring your beer away. You’ve worked for this, but your trusty five percent side kick is actually one of the best ways to get your barbeque shining. Begrudgingly douse half a bottle on top a semi-warm grill and scrub with wire brush.

So, there you have it. A step-by-step guide of getting the barbeque set up and taken down. All you need now is some warm weather!



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