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Whether you are building a new house or are renovating an old one, one of the jobs that will have to be done is interior design. It is a great way to give any house no matter how old a facelift. Homeowners will have to decide early on in their building or renovation projects whether or not to get a interior design singapore contractor it handle their house’s renovation need. Except you the house owner is a do-it-yourself addict, something like painting a house should be left to the professionals.


If you want your project to come out as good as you had imagined, you will agree that a do-it-yourself venture wouldn’t cut except of course you are a trained commercial interior design experts. Assuming you are not, you are better off leaving the design and build job to professionals. This will therefore require that you hire a reputable company to do the job. While it may seem like an easy task of going through the yellow pages and picking a name, the process of choosing a corporate interior design company to work on your house project is one that should be properly done.


Start by researching companies

It would be worth the while to research the different companies involved in renovation in your area. You can start by asking those close to you for suggestions but at the end of the day you have to use your good judgment to decide who to use. There will be many who will come forth to propose their services even without your asking. However take time to check those that are reputable and work only with them. You can also check interior design portfolio of that particular company. This will ultimately mean coming up with a list of shortlisted companies.


Ask questions

Before going further to request for quotes, you will want to reduce your list of shortlisted companies to a few, probably at most four. To help you weed out the companies you may not need, start by asking the different companies some questions. Sample questions to ask include

  • How long have you been working in the interior design industry
  • What is your experience with working on projects such as the one for which you are presently interested
  • Would you be happy to give contacts of your past clients for references
  • What training have your experts received
  • How experienced is your team of painters
  • How long will it take your team to complete the project


By the time you get answers to these questions, you should have enough reasons why you should drop some companies from your shortlist. Once you have a fairly manageable shortlist of supposedly reputable companies, you can now send request for quotes.


Send request for quotes

In your request for quotes, be clear about the type of service you are requesting and the place and time where this service should be carried out. Be sure to include a timeline for receiving quotes. This will mean that any company that does not come back with a quote by the said date will be assumed to not be interested. Select contractor and award project. Commercial Interior Designers

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