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7 Clever Renovating Ideas for a Small Bathroom

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When it comes to home renovation, it has become a challenging task to design a small bathroom. Every design element in a small bathroom must have a purpose, making it more functional. Here are some great ideas, which you can apply by remodeling your next bathroom that feel larger


Build a Storage place in the Bathroom Design


Storage place in the Bathroom Design

Creating a functional and space saving bathroom is need of every home. The best space saving solution is to make custom floor-to-ceiling built in shelf where you can store bathing accessories. By adding the a slim sink into a shelf or shallow counter, you can maximize the storage space in a small bathroom.

Additionally, a floating vanity is the best option for small bathroom because it takes up less visual space while adding  style to your bathroom.


Give an  Illusion with  Glass Shower Doors


glass shower door

Glass shower doors or glass shower enclosures are greatfor small bathroom renovation as glass adds a touch of elegance whilst giving the illusion of more space. Glass Shower doors allow the flow of light to entire bathroom and make the shower feel like  best bathing place.


Use Mirrors in the Bathroom


Use Mirrors in the Bathroom

Mirror are not only useful for touching up your makeover, but it also helps to make bathroom to appear larger as light bounces off the reflective surface. That’s why the more mirror is the best option for small bathrooms. By simply hanging a mirror on a wall you can create a big difference to your bathroom. You can also add a mirror wall in a small bathroom, making it more spacious.

Moreover, for more choices, consider mirrored cabinets, fitted above the vanity it’ll not only extend the length of vanity but also expand the room visually.


Choose Small Scale Fixtures


Small scale fixture

For small contemporary bathroom, optimize your space with small scale fixtures. It is suggested to choose compact and sculptural fixtures that maximize floor space in your small bathroom.

If you don’t want to add a vanity sink with cabinets below, then pedestal sink will be the best renovating idea for small bathroom. They take less space,look   beautiful and maintains an open feeling.


Opt for Large Floor Tile


Large bathroom Floor Tile

When it comes to flooring, select floor tile with larger patterns and units that are subtle and enlarge space area. Carefully choose the best flooring that’ll complement your bathroom.

Hang the  Toilet

With wall-hung toilet, you can space in your toilet. By adding a wall-hung toilet (tank part recessed in the wall) shows more floor space, giving the illusion of a larger room.  These’re available in different style and sizes. So you can choose the best one that suit your bathroom décor.


Use Cabinetry with  Open  Storage


By using cabinetry with open storage, you can make your small bathroom beautiful and functional. Floor to ceiling shelving, stand alone cabinetry, under the sink cabinetry space and over the toilet furniture pieces can create an ample room to store or show your daily bath necessities. Place your towels, soaps or glass canisters on open shelves, they’re decorative and functional as well. For storing your personal items, laundry or cleaning supplies, consider woven baskets.

Buy following the above given tips such as building storage place in design, giving an illusion, using mirrors, choosing small scale fixtures, optimizing large scale tiles and using open storage cabinet we can remodel our bathroom along with get some extra space which make bathroom larger.

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