Find A Better Solution For Your Damaged Teeth By Applying Dental Crown


Dental crowns have been in use for years due to its vast usage in the field of Dentistry. Since the most essential and sensible part of human being is the tooth, the treatment for tooth plays a vital role. There are several reasons that a person needs a crown on their teeth as they are in the better position to know the necessity of their patients.

The most important of all is the CEREC crown which is greatly known for its speed. These types of crowns are fabricated and cemented in a single appointment. Classical lab fabricated dental crowns takes up to 2 weeks for making and cementing. Using CEREC you are almost done in one visit to the dentist, with lab fabricated crowns it will take about two appointments or more.

Dental crown      

Dental Crown is generally known as a tooth cap which is the rebuilding that masks the outer surface of a tooth and is fused to the tooth with the assistance of dental cement.

Why are Dental crowns needed for a tooth?

Whenever your tooth is badly injured or else declined by several processes, then it cannot be replaced to its original shape and size by filling any material. In these cases, dental crowns are of great use.

Steps to decide whether to place a filling or a crown on a ruined tooth?

If there is a small gap in a tooth it can be rebuilt by filling but the placement of filling in a large cavity can restrict the integrity of a tooth structure and may cause its fracture. To keep the filling in the tooth enough amount of tooth structure need to be there. A filling which is greater considered as a large one can compromise the stability of a tooth.

If you have a tooth that needs a dental cap, either it is broken or else has an existing filling which is large and needs replacement then there are two choices one is by CEREC or by a lab.

Some of the people are too busy with their work and hence it is difficult for them to go for a dental visit. For such people, Same Day Crowns can be used which quickly replace damaged teeth in one dental visit using natural-looking ceramic crowns.

The state-of-the-art visualization and on-site technology let you accomplish custom crown in a single visit. There are no more short crowns followed by more office visits for permanent crowns. Generally, Computer Aided Design is used for dental replacement.

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