Blockchain meets Cryptocurrency in Africa through Oduwacoin 


Examples of Bright Enabuele’s work ethic can be seen in Oduwacoin. Devoting countless hours in order to ensure its success, his labor has proven to be fruitful as Oduwacoin begins to see more community involvement. “One of our biggest missions at Oduwa is to create a community of trust and support. That is where the opportunity is.” A digital currency journey, Oduwacoin’s success lies ultimately within the hands of the community it was made for. 

Oduwacoin’s  mission is simply to begin the conversation of digital currency within the African community.  While Africa is a territory that most larger digital currency networks have overlooked; it is considered home territory for Oduwacoin. Established as a cryptocurrency network that allows for flexible cash transfer,  it blossomed into so much more. Often used for payment, trading, crowdfunding and low-cost energy-efficient PoS Mining (proof of stake mining), people are starting to realize the opportunities that an investment in digital currency can grant. The term Oduwa originates from the ancient Benin kingdom meaning “The Road Map to Wealth, where the belief is that your money should work for you and not against you. Providing this as their backbone, Oduwacoin  follows in the ancient term by prioritizing freesome with the system. As a network that relies heavily on the community response, Oduwacoin states that everyone can buy, sell and engage in mining with Oduwacoin blockchain wallet. Alongside their guidelines, the prospect of building wealth through as ownership of Oduwacoin never been more possible.  

Oduwacoin is devoted to a selfless, fearless democracy and values fairness over all. Founded on the principles of self-governance and no-hierarchy, they bring a liberation factor that was previously unheard of within the market. A community where every coin is like gold. Every trade, buy or sell on ODUWA network, has no transaction fees for all OWC Coin holders for being early believers. When an Oduwacoin is added or removed from circulation, the price of the next coin might increase or decrease automatically by a fractional amount of OWC (about .0000001 OWC). When a user purchases OWC COIN, the value is worth slightly more due to the algorithm calculated (demand and supply) on the network. Oduwacoin holders will benefit from the price increase. There are only 21 Million ODUWACOINS worldwide. When users sell OWC , the value is slightly less. Selling ODUWACOIN is like saying that the trader has lost faith in ODUWA because the community recommends that the users spend their ODUWA and not sell ODUWACOIN . ODUWA manages the economy but cannot affect the price of the COIN. The price could rise or fall, subject to the community trust. “Those who trust ODUWACOIN and hold OWC the longest will benefit the most. We are committed to increasing accessibility and the growth of Oduwacoin.”

Even with the help of Oduwacoin, the cut-throat market of cryptocoin can be difficult to navigate. While Oduwacoin prioritizes a strong sense of security, some issues are seemingly unavoidable. Weak local currency, poorly regulated banks, and cash transactions with foggy ledgers are just a number of the issues faced when using fiat currency. By implementing the importance of financial literacy, Oduwacoin provides users the proper knowledge when these problems arise. By providing their users with stable ground from which to learn, they can approach these monetary snares equipped with the proper tactiques. 

With Bright’s endeavour to educate the youth, he’s created Oduwa Career Institute for people to further their knowledge in the cryptocurrency field. This academy is internationally recognized so that students can go farther in their career of choice. Bright sees blockchain as an avenue to endless possibilities. A way to further broaden people’s approach in finance and cryptocurrency due to its reliability and safety. He says “Only five percent of the world population interact with blockchain, which implies anyone with a good market value proposition can dominate, why not me?” 

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