Advantages of facility management – in companies and in private


Professional building cleaning is an essential part of any facility management service. This not only applies to companies but also households. Especially if you have to manage your own house, the advantages of facility management cannot be dismissed out of hand.

The external appearance of a property or property allows quick conclusions to be drawn about its owner or user.

Regardless of whether it is private property or commercial property – dilapidated buildings are not a pretty sight and give the impression of neglect. And sell much worse than a house or building that is in good shape.

Facility management – what is it?

Facility management, also commonly known in German as property management (which sounds a lot more cumbersome), deals with the optimal facilities, buildings, and facilities.

Reliable and efficient (time-saving) technical solutions for maintaining and cleaning the facilities are one thing. The other aspect – mainly underestimated by laypeople – is creating a cost calculation for maintenance and cleaning that takes all relevant factors into account.

As a rule – especially in private households and small businesses – the costs (time AND money) for maintenance and cleaning are swept under the carpet in the literal sense of the word. And the amazement is excellent when this calculation doesn’t work out over time, and someone comes up with the idea of ​​lifting the carpet.

The same applies – in a smaller format, of course – to private households. Anyone who owns one or more houses/properties, even if they do not rent them out, knows what is being discussed. Something is always. And if you want to take care of everything yourself, you can write off something like free time for yourself.

Facility management for private

Cleaning companies have long been more than just interested in companies. Cleaning companies can also be found more and more in private households. For example, if both partners have a job, there is often little time left for household chores.

Window cleaning is particularly popular with private households, but facade cleaning and other cleaning work are increasingly being used. Building cleaning service providers specialize in any work that may arise; ​​responsibility is divided into window cleaning, floor cleaning, and facade cleaning.

Of course, traffic areas, i.e., access routes and entrance areas, can also be professionally taken over by a building cleaning service provider.

Whether you take on the work yourself or hire a company to do it naturally depends on the one hand on your willingness to clean, the time available, your budget, and your demands on the value of your own house.

The maintenance and, above all, cleaning of the property can quickly become overwhelming for many property owners. Older, physically disabled people or people with little time, in particular, can quickly become overwhelmed with the work that has to be done.

For some, it can therefore make sense to turn to a service provider for building cleaning from time to time or regularly. In this way, the value of the property is also preserved.

Office cleaning/cleaning of company properties

Most companies are now outsourcing office cleaning and other facility management services. In this way, you can concentrate on your core business and do not waste resources on activities that have nothing to do with the field of activity of your own company.

This also saves staff for cleaning and thus costs. This also means that there is no employee administration for the cleaning staff.

Office cleaning is by no means just about emptying the trash cans or dusting the work tables. A clean office complex also includes clean, sanitary facilities and – if available – kitchens. In addition, the floors must be cared for and cleaned, and the windows cleaned regularly.

A professional external building cleaner can respond individually to customer requests and thus ensure that customers can also visit the office premises at any time.

The advantages of facility management predominate.

Building cleaning companies can react flexibly to working hours so that the cleaning work in no way disrupts the workflow in the company.

For a company, outsourcing results in more advantages than disadvantages. In addition to the cost savings and administrative cutbacks, the company also has a certain degree of planning security.

Cleaning agents do not have to be bought or stored either. External service providers also have appropriate cleaning machines that a company neither has to buy nor maintain. Building cleaning with all its sub-areas is one area of work that a company or company can outsource with a clear conscience.

Of course, company size is a factor when deciding whether to outsource. The more employees the company has, the more it pays to develop an elaborate facility management strategy.

By the way, for whom there are – trained – experts. Or at least use an external building cleaning company.

In private households, one can undoubtedly name many advantages for comprehensive facility management. But in private, it is, in fact, usually a decision that depends on the personal attitude towards professional planning and management of your own four walls and, last but not least, on household money.


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