Best Face Shields for You to Fight the Pandemic


It is no hidden fact that the pandemic has affected every aspect of our life in every possible way. At this time of complete helplessness, face shields proved to have to stand up to our expectations and way beyond. It also increased the rate of life expectancy, which was declining rapidly. Face shields not only helps in protecting ourselves but also reduces the spreading of the infection. Apart from its fighting the pandemic, it also helped us from other common hazards like flying insects, road debris, etc.

Different types of face shields:

Unlike face masks, face shields not only avoid contact of mouth and nose from the external environment but protects the entire face along with our necks. Thus, reducing the chances of being infected and spreading infection. Different types of face shields with different features are available, to name a few:

  • Headband face shield

Is most commonly used. It has a padded strap that maintains comfort while wearing for long hours.

  • Food Grade plastic shield

This is designed for people working in departments related to food. These shields cover the entire face of the person, thereby decreasing the risk of being infected and spreading contamination.

  • Disposable face shields

Proves to be an excellent choice as these can be bought in stock and can be disposed of after using once.

  • Wide face shield

All the face shields start from forehead till chin. The shields which are wider can be used instead.

  • Pivot face shield

These shields can be removed from your face while eating. Thereby making them convenient to use.

  • Face shield with built googles

In certain sectors, like in the case of metal fabrication or in construction industry, eye care is given utmost importance. Therefore, it is comfortable and easy to use.

  • Gaiter

It was earlier used for protection from rain or snow. But its popularity has increased lately.

  • Bandana

Have also increased in demand lately. It covers the nose and mouth.

How to clean your face shield

Cleaning a face shield is a very simple process. You can either clean it with hot water and soap OR you can use antibacterial wipes to clean it.  After cleaning it with wipes, make sure you sanitise your hands with a sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water before starting another task.

Face Shields and pandemic

Even though the pandemic has been uncontrollable, what is most important is that you accomplish all your duties and the most crucial is wearing your face shields to reduce the risk of infection among your loved ones. For sure, face shields might make you feel uncomfortable, but they are really helpful in avoiding the risk of coronavirus.

Even though the government and the doctors are still working hard to get rid of the virus, but we as citizens need to take every small preventive step on our level. There are a variety of face shields available in the market, and you can choose one from the different options as per your convenience and comfort. Therefore, you can help in reducing the spread of coronavirus.

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