7 Steps to Take When Reunited with a Lost Pet


Losing a pet will have caused you and your family much distress, and you likely felt immediate relief when reunited.

With any luck, your pet might only have gone missing for a few hours; however, if they disappeared for many days, weeks, or months, they may need time to readjust, and you must aim to protect their health.

Here are seven steps to take when reunited with a lost pet.

Step One: Organize a Check-Up at a Vet

Pets can develop an injury or illness when outdoors, even if they have only been missing for a few hours. For this reason, you shouldn’t hesitate to take them along to a local veterinary clinic once reunited.

Vets in Forney TX can care for any scrapes your pet might have sustained when lost and provide any treatments they might need.

Also, you can arrange preventive treatments to keep them safe outdoors in the future, such as flea, tick, and heartworm treatments.

Step Two: Microchip Your Pet

In addition to taking your pet along for a check-up to review their health, discuss microchipping your pet with a vet if you have yet to do so.

A computer chip is inserted underneath a dog, cat, or rabbit’s skin. The microchip will ensure the safe return of your pet should they go missing again.

Step Three: Resettle Your Pet

It is wise to give your pet space when they return home. After re-entering your home, allow them to explore their surroundings to familiarize themselves with the property.

Allow your cat or dog to sniff different corners of each room, which will help them settle back in.

Step Four: Establish a New Routine

Both cats and dogs enjoy routine. Once you bring your pet back to the comfort of your home, you must establish a routine as soon as possible.

Make them feel secure and comfortable by feeding, walking, and playing with them at the same time each day.

Step Five: Avoid Visitors for a Few Days

Your pet might feel overwhelmed by the many changes they have experienced. Allow them to readjust to life at home by asking loved ones not to visit for a few days.

Once your dog or cat feels more at home, introduce visitors slowly, as they might fear strangers after spending much time outdoors.

Step Six: Consider Neutering and Spaying

Neutering and spaying should be a consideration after being reunited with a lost pet.

The procedures will make them less likely to roam a neighborhood in search of a mate, which will reduce their likelihood of going missing in the future.

Discuss the pros and cons of neutering and spaying with a vet to make an informed decision.

Step Seven: Secure Your Exterior

If your dog or cat escaped from your exterior, it might be a wise idea to improve their security in your garden.

For example, install a secure, strong fence to stop them from escaping into other neighbors’ backyards or streets.

Also, secure latches on all gates and fences, install a footer over gaps under fencing, and avoid leaving your pet unsupervised in the garden for long periods.

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