All you need to know about the laser stretch mark removal surgery in Ludhiana


Stretch marks also known as striae are basically, off-colour hue scars on the skin. And lighten over some time but they do not diminish completely. Commonly seen on women’s bodies after pregnancy or puberty. These stretch marks are the result of a breakdown in the dermis of some elastin fibers. Usually appearing in pinkish or red color and sometimes silvery, purple or white. It can be seen anywhere on the body utmost probably on the abdomen and thighs. These marks appear as a sign of rapid growth in someone, can be during pregnancy, adolescence or childhood. And it doesn’t happen to everyone. These marks make people self-conscious and ugly.

The result of taking steroids can also result in thinning of skin and appearance of marks on arm, hips, thighs, chest, and parts of the body.

How can you get rid of stretch marks completely?

There is no scientifically proven way of removing stretch marks completely but even though there are many counter

medications that are prescribed by dermatologists over the period that show some changes in a good way but one of the most effective treatments for stretch marks is laser treatment that improves the look of stretch marks and throughout some sessions, it completely vanishes. Though taking care of the skin constantly is the major factor in this field. laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment that is one of the highly-effective and recommended method by the dermatologists.

A guide to laser stretch mark removal treatment

Many of the known laser treatments use light to penetrate the skin and induce the growth of collagen tissue. The upper layer of the skin disintegrates, and the healthy skin layer below it replaces. These are the type of laser therapies that allow the skin in healing itself, making this treatment quite safe and as a minimally invasive

procedure. Some other types of laser removal are comparatively more less-invasive procedures that target the blood vessels present below the surface without providing any damage or disrupting the skin. Laser Stretch Marks Removal surgery in Ludhiana is one of the most effective treatment but the success of the procedure depends on how visible are old the marks are one the body. After the treatment is carried out the skin might appear red or tender. The area may sometimes blister but it is nothing to worry about it is a positive sign showing that the top skin has successfully been removed and the new skin is growing ints place. and the best part of all this is that it a permanent treatment meaning now you can kiss your stretch marks goodbye and welcome the new smooth and good skin back in its place.

Laser stretch marks removal surgery in Ludhiana

Some of the best Laser Stretch Marks Removal surgery in Ludhiana. There are some of the best dermatologists in


  1. Dr.Meenakshi Jain- MBBS, with overall 9 years of experience. Working in Fortis Hospital.
  2. Dr.Ruchi S Mutneja- Dermatology, MBBS- with the overall experience of 9 years. Working in Sparsh Aesthetics and


  1. Dr.SanchitTalwar- MD, MBBS, Dermatologist, Venereology, and leprosy with an overall of 11 years of experience in his work field. Working in Dr, Talwar’s Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic.

The cost ranges from around $500 to $8,900.

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