5 Alternative Products for Your Garden


It’s no fun being normal. Instead of sticking with standard products in your garden, thinking outside the box can have multiple benefits. Not only can it result in your garden being revitalized and looking better than ever, it might even have a positive impact on the environment.

With that in mind, here are five alternative products you should be looking to implement in your garden:

Organic Fertilizer

Traditional fertilizers are tried-and-tested. They do a great job of feeding plants and allowing them to flourish. Furthermore, they supply rapid nutrition to plants and are the cheaper option — at least initially.

Why only initially? Well an organic fertilizer can prove to be the more cost-effective choice when judging it in the long term. This is because the organic variety doesn’t just care for the plants, it also looks after the soil. Long after those plants have taken their precious nutrients, organic fertilizer will ensure the soil retains its texture and composition.

Perhaps just as important is the benefit that organic fertilizer provides to the environment. Along with limited toxicity when applied, organic fertilizers are produced with natural sources.

Composite Fencing

If you’re thinking about replacing your old, worn down fencing, a composite alternative is perhaps not the first type to pop into your mind. When you realize the benefits of composite fencing, however, there’s no turning back. As noted by eComposite Products, this fencing variety is incredibly durable compared to other options. It won’t split, decay, or rot, and it can handle even the harshest of weather conditions.

While its long-lasting appeal has been highlighted, composite fencing can also have an understated yet attractive quality which helps to elevate the overall design of a garden.

Solar Lights

It has taken some time for solar lights to come to prominence. Yet away from its humble beginnings, solar lights are now available in a wide array of sizes, styles, and prices. Their effectiveness has also been increased — quality light options can keep glowing without the sun’s help throughout the night.

By placing solar lights across your garden’s landscape, it can help to brighten up pathways or spotlight certain flowers or features.

Solar Fountain

Sticking with the solar theme, you can add an appealing water feature to your garden with a solar fountain. Alongside a visual impact, the gentle sound of flowing water adds a soothing ambience to your outdoor space.

There are numerous reasons why you would opt for a solar fountain over an electric version. First of all, there’s no need to worry about how much the fountain costs to run. A solar fountain also doesn’t use up natural resources, and there’s no scary situation of playing around with electricity near water.

Herb Garden

Instead of a lawn which requires high maintenance, why not swap it for an herb garden? Not only do you retain the visual appeal of a lawn — plus added texture and colors depending on the herbs utilized — but herb gardens also bring a level of practicality to proceedings. That practicality, of course, comes from the growing of herbs which can be used in various different medicinal or culinary purposes.

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