5 Signs You Need To Replace Window Tinting


Car window tinting is one of the best accessories for your car. Tinting your car can increase privacy, reduce the amount of heat transfer from sunlight, and keep UV rays from fading your car’s interior. Auto window tinting acts as a barrier between you and the sun’s rays.

However, window tint can not last forever. To enjoy its ultimate benefits, you need car window tint replacement. After wear & tear, the efficiency of the window tint decreases.

The question here is- how to tell if it’s time to replace window tint? Below are several indicators that will answer your question.

Top 5 signs you need to replace window tint

  1. Peeled off tint

One of the first signs of damaged window tint that you’ll notice is the breaking down or distortion of the film. This usually occurs after many years of sun exposure which causes the tints to start peeling. If you are living or working where the sun is hotter, usually, you need to replace the window tint more often. Peeling film will sometimes create a crackling noise as a vehicle window is rolled up or down.

As time goes, the adhesive that was originally used to apply the tint’s hardness and crystalizes, which makes it tougher to reduce tint and cause scratches. The pebble will also make the car look ugly and old.

  1. Bubbles in tint

Aged tints are not always the case of replacing window tints. In other cases, signs that you need to get a new film installed can come early as the day the tints were installed. The window tint bubbles can be because the installer did not do the job efficiently.  If the tint wasn’t applied by an experienced technician like Tint Pros, air bubbles might show up beneath the film. Another reason for bubbles in tint is when the tint has aged beyond its lifespan.

Not only does the condition of tiny bubbles make it unsightly, but it can also impair visibility and make driving dangerous.

  1. Dirt entering your tint

The most common sign that you can figure out easily is dirt in the tint. Your window tint will not work efficiently if it is holding all the dirt. If the tint that you have installed on your car has dirt, its capability to block rays will reduce. If you notice the tint accumulating dirt, you need to get the replacement done as soon as possible. Tints with dirt can further reduce the efficiency of the tint, increasing the chances of scratches and interior car damage.

  1. Purple or fading color

When the window tint is new, it is dark in color and glossy in appearance. However, with time, the color of the tint changes and becomes lighter. Not only it will result in discoloration, but the shade loses its gloss too. You may even notice the film slowly fading into a shade of purple; you need to replace the window tint. Sometimes, you may also notice that the window tint fades at an uneven rate, with some portion of the tint looking darker than the other. Even if the portion of the tint changes color, you still need to replace the entire tint.

  1. Damaged interiors

Car window tint not only protects you from UV rays but also protects your car’s interior from damage. If you observe, the car seats or the dashboard have gotten discolored or show any signs of breakage; it is a clear enough sign that your window tint has turned old.


If you notice any of the indicators in your car window tint, it’s time to get a tint replacement. Replacing the right auto window tinting will not only protect you and the passenger inside from the sun, but it will increase privacy and increase the lifespan of the car’s interior. The car window tint is an investment you make for your car and the passengers.

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