4 Unusual Body Locations to Consider for Getting a Piercing


Few years back, people used to think piercings are just done in ears.  Ear piercing was looked upon as an impressible fashion trend for decades. Ear piercings are still meant to up the fashion game but is not the only body part where people get the piercings done. Are you aware of the unusual body parts that people consider for piercings these days? If you’re keen on knowing more, go through the following write-up.

  • The cheeks

Who would have ever imagined that a silver ring in the middle of one’s cheek would look this good? Body piercing of this kind is done from one particular side of an individual’s mouth to another. The large ring is placed, opening the whole and exposing the molars as well. A mouth seems visible on the side of one’s face.

An individual from Germany is said to have done it, and he readily finds it gratifying to stick the tongue outright through the cheek. If you’re thinking of getting a piercing in the Gold Coast or any other place, make sure to look for a studio with years of experience and a positive reputation in the industry for offering top-notch piercing solutions at the best prices.

  • Corset Piercing

Everyone is aware of a corset. Rather than loops through which string passes, corset piercings include piercings on the back along with rings that allow the string to pass through. Pretty and painful at the same time, this piercing is done by some of the bravest girls, mostly in their backs and legs. Knowing your skin type is of utmost importance before opting for this kind of piercings.

  • Nose Bridge

Piercings are done just above the nose region where the eyebrows normally meet. The piercing helps in creating a proper bridge from one particular side of the nose to another. There are some individuals who even fit their reading glasses on the bridge done with piercings. Getting piercing on the nose bridge provides one with a sharp look.

  • Finger Piercing

This kind of piercing is typically done at the finger base, located at the region where the ring is worn. Unlike other piercings, the single-point piercing doesn’t go out or appear through the other side. Generally, a single needle or an O needle is used to pierce through skin layers for making a pocket.

Another piercing that is in great demand these days is the spinal spike. These piercings are mostly done inside out for setting spikes on one’s back through the spinal cord. If you’re looking for a trusted tattoo shop in Gold Coast, Queensland, make extensive research and shortlist parlors with years of experience and a positive reputation in this industry for offering commendable piercing solutions at the best prices.

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