5 amazing tips to promote your business at any event


Getting new customers is the ultimate goal of any local or international company no matter of what magnitude it is. It is also the most difficult task despite companies spend millions of dollars as marketing budget. It is difficult but not impossible at all. Where traditional and digital marketing both can be fruitful in getting the business to the skies, corporate events can also let the juices flow. Where these fairs and occasions increase brand awareness among the prospective buyers, you can also leverage them to get new marketing ideas for your brand. Don’t just rely on traditional marketing methods rather adopt new, trending and unique one’s to create a lasting impression. Hurry up and compile the list of top events a large number of potential buyers attend and make your chances to meet them face to face. Here are our tips you can use to make such fairs even more fruitful for your business.

Brainstorm and know the audience:

The first step when targeting event attendees is starting to know your audience. If you have a client-ship that is ready to attend any event in their area, this is the right time to strike. But knowing their preferences is seemingly important for any business. Once you know what type of customers do your business has, the next step is to move on and search new occasions and fairs. You can do so by visiting event specific, government and travel sites. Social media is also the place to find upcoming events in your area and niche.

To get the maximum benefits out of these events brainstorm what buyers and visitors want most. Considering you are a bike store, sponsoring bike race would be the best way to promote your store. Similarly you can search such occasions in your niche and start getting leads from there.

Use latest technology to attract visitors:

Using latest technology is another practice of getting foot traffic cross your border in exhibitions and trade fairs. Technology attracts a number of people and when you have latest of it augmented in the ora of booth, it is going to be super attractive for all the attendees and your booth is going to get flooded with leads and visitors. You can hire any tech from AV rental companies. iPad, tablet and other mobile technologies perform best in such events. So get iPad rentals for corporate events and leverage the power of technology to skyrocket business impressions in meetings, conferences, trade events, exhibitions, presentations, seminars, product launch or any other corporate gathering.

Become the sponsor for event:

Another best way to hijack all the leads during the event is sponsoring the latest event. This would present business name among the tons of prospective leads and B2B opportunities. Though these sponsorships might cost heavy but the ROI they bring is also unmatched to any other technique. Before investing gather all the information how the name of business and other information will appear on marketing material. The advertisement you get will mostly be a full-page ad, venue signs, a booth at perfect location and other such things. Whatever the end result get everything sorted out in form of a written contract.

Want to get free promotion? Nothing is impossible in this world, all you have to lure them out with a special offering. Common approaches are giving a product or services free of cost. Another way to bait organizers is offer a free space or venue for such a conference.

Giveaway free products:

Giving away is the best technique to get a stream of leads and business flowing your way. Everyone wants to get a free product and this is the best technique to lure the audience towards the booth. But the need to getting smart here is also needed, give away something that holds some value and should be the product of daily use. Any low cost electrical gadget like USB or data cable could be the best choice.

Host your own event:

If you find out that there is not much potential in the existing market, create a new one with larger interests. With larger interests I mean serving the interests of both the organizer as well as the attendee. Seminars and trade shows get the most traffic as they are free of cost for visitors. Providing the customers a chance to get to know products more these events also allow organizers to get important leads and new customers. Use the latest analytics software’s to measure the productivity and convert leads into potential buyers.

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