5 amazing tips to get most out of your website design


Having the relevant and unique information is of pioneer importance for any website. But it does not mean you can ignore other important pillars of content marketing. A beautiful layout and a soothing design are equally important for any website as the relevant information. There are several factors that come to play in making a perfect website design layout. Here I am sharing 5 amazing design tips you can use to make your website layout more productive. This guide is for everyone from absolute beginners to the pro developers and from freelancers to the companies offering web designing in Lahore or anywhere else.

  1. Keep your homepage clutter free:

Most of the time, we do not read entire content on the page rather we just have an overview of the content or just scan it. Either way the word count on the page does not matter from the user’s perspective.  Cluttering your homepage puts a very bad impact on the viewers and people quickly move to other resources. Instead, you should use descriptive images, icons or videos to deliver your message. You can use content and call to actions as they are necessary, but make sure to break them in suitable paragraphs and subheadings.

  1. Hierarchy in design:

Hierarchy is very important for your website layout. Today we have a lot of screens and gadgets users can get information from, different screen sizes mean different layout. In this scenario having a clear pattern and hierarchy in your visual information is very important for any winning design. Most people spend only a few seconds to get to know about the website, these few seconds are your time for telling the visitors you have something important for them. And that is only possible by having clear hierarchy of information on your page.

  1. Readable content:

By readable content, we mean the structure and the recognition of content from the reader’s point of view. Make sure your font-color is in line with the background image or color of your page.  Create a contrast among background and foreground elements, use large fonts, diversifying the fonts is good soon as they don’t create clutters.

  1. Easy navigation:

Navigation is very important for any website. Make sure your visitors do not need to go hunting for what they are looking rather you should present it before them. Not only does easy navigation help in increasing the user experience but also it helps search engine crawlers to index find and index content easily.

  1. Mobile Friendliness:

The most important feature for any website nowadays is mobile friendliness. Information retrieval from mobile devices has almost doubled and so should be your website ready for any Smartphone screen. Moreover, mobile responsiveness is also important from SEO point of view.


If you have a website and facing any conversion or bounce rate issues, try using the above tips and you will see definite results in hours. Most companies, who offer web designing in Lahore, follow the same pattern.  So, why not give it a try before wasting your money with design firms.

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