4 Reasons why Promotional Products are Perfect for All Businesses


Cost-Effective Marketing

Many small-scale companies cannot afford large-scale advertising campaigns to spread across all divergent media. This is where promotional products come in. It enables small-scale companies and startups to achieve greater marketing goals with lower investment. There are thousands of cost-effective promo items that startups can use. A simple google search will give them great ideas of which product to choose for their brand merchandise. Many manufacturers keep the prices lower for mass distribution. The prices of the products may be low but the impact is high on the recipients. Researchers say that mugs and t-shirts are the most effective advertising tools as nearly 60% of customers are able to recall the brand on a mug or t-shirt. Adding customization to these products through a product designing tool can be a gamechanger. The product itself is cheap but delivers a great value to the investment.

Immediate Brand Recognition

Brand recognition means consumers or end users can identify a brand and can recall its products and services simply by spotting their logo. For example, when people spot the logo of Coca-Cola they immediately recognize the brand and can recall its products. All that comes with a logo which makes promo product all the most important for increasing brand value and customer loyalty.

Promotional gifts to customers help them to remember and recognize your business. This is one of the primary reasons to giveaway promotional products. Research says that nearly 90% of consumers are able to recall the brand of the promo gift they have received in the last two years. The gift stays in their home, office or vehicles for a long time, reminding of their experience with the company. Statistics also say that customers are more likely to hang on to the promo items for an average of 7 months if they find the product useful. Customers tend to remember your brand even more if the gift is a branded item. This pays off when businesses receive repeat sales from their previous customers.

Business Exposure

TV Advertisements and billboards zoom in front of your eyes immediately in few seconds. But promotional gifts are more likely to stay for the most part in front of the customers’ eyes, constantly reminding them of the brand. For example, when one of your customers wears the customized hood you gave away are more likely to be used by the customers. As they move around wearing the branded hood, it comes into other potential customer’s  attention as well. Similarly when a customer uses a customized coffee mug to sip their morning tea or coffee others may notice this which will again help in business exposure. Giving away free gifts are an excellent way to increase business exposure day after day.

Statistics reveal that nearly 80% of recipients could recall the name of the band from whom they have received a promotional item in the past 12 months. On the other hand, only 50% of people could recall the name of the brand they saw in magazine or newspaper. The findings point out the necessity of promo gifts for business exposure.

Customer Loyalty

Promotional products are a great way to build a solid customer base as well as to drive customer loyalty in a short period of time. Providing high-quality products as giveaways encourage customers into thinking that the brand too is high-quality. This enables people to associate premium products with the brand. This helps to keep a lot of first-time buyers forever loyal to the brand. It will create a buzz among the customers and help create repeat sales.

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