3mm Wetsuit- Everything You Need to Know


Wetsuits seem to be loved by most of the divers, water lovers, explorers irrespective of the fact if they are the experienced or the armature divers. They all find it indeed irresistible, which is because of the functionality, and utility it offers. The technologies regarding wetsuits have reached such a level that there is a wetsuit to match every weather condition readily available. However, to make the right selection one must consider the right thickness of the wetsuit as per the weather conditions of the area that they may be exploring. Along with the temperature, the kind of swimming activity one will be indulging in should be considered as well. By considering both the weather and act, one would be able to ensure that the wetsuit picked not only keeps them warm but also does not restrict their movement. Hence, they could make the most of the water games they participate in.

In order to make the right choice, various trusted and reputed online websites are offering a wide variety of wetsuits in all possible designs and patterns. Furthermore, all details regarding these wetsuits are clearly mentioned. Also, to ensure the customer ends up buying the right size, individual sizing help is offered as well.

Confusion prevails-Whether to buy 3mm wetsuit or 5mm?

Despite all the aids and assistance available online, people seem to feel lost when it comes to picking the right thickness for the wetsuit. People often get confused and end up buying 2mm when they require 3mm wetsuit and vice versa. Thus, before selecting, one must educate themselves as much as possible so that not only they are saved from wasted investment but also they ask the right specific questions at the time of purchase.

All about wetsuit thickness

Here are some insights, which will surely take the prospective customer in the right direction. These are situations and temperature, which are suitable for 3mm wetsuit.

1. Temperature between 20 degree Celsius and 22 degree Celsius

This temperature bracket is considered the most comfortable temperature level for surfing, diving, and swimming. This is because; at this level, not too much cold or too much warmth is felt. Hence what one, must focus on a moderate thickness of the wetsuit. And for this, the most relatable thickness is 3mm wetsuit. Wetsuit measuring 3mm on the sensitive parts of the body and 2mm at the arms and legs areas must be picked under such situation. Also, one may choose between a full wetsuit and a knee length one, as it is protected against both sunny and breezy weather conditions.

2. Temperature between 18 degree Celsius and 20 degree Celsius

Between this temperature brackets, the 3mm wetsuits seem to work perfectly. However, unlike the temperature bracket 22 and 20, at this level, one may pick the full-length wetsuit to ensure that the harsh weather conditions do not make one shiver. Another option under this weather condition for the wetsuit is 4/3. In this wetsuit, the thickness around the torso or sensitive organs is 4mm and thickness around arms and legs are 3mm.

3mm wetsuit

3. Temperature between 15 degree Celsius and 18 degree Celsius

At this temperature level, a full-length 3mm wetsuit may make a comparatively better choice however to increase its suitability one must invest in a branded and superior quality wetsuit. Apart from this 3mm thickness around the torso one may also lay their hands on a 4mm at torso and 3mm at the legs and arms area.
Apart from the weather conditions, there is another factor called a budget that plays a vital role in making 3mm wetsuit an ideal pick. Here is the detailed information about the same.

When budget is flexible to certain extent

3mm wetsuit has been accepted as one of the most well suited and adaptable wetsuits for almost all the weather conditions. Also, 3mm fits almost every budget as well. Furthermore, when the budget is kept limited to a particular extent, to ensure the wetsuit last long, how frequently it is used, must be kept a watch on. If 3mm one is used quite moderately, then its expected life could go up to 8 to 9 months.

When the budget is low

Times when the budget for a wetsuit is kept very low, in such cases as well, a 3mm wetsuit becomes an acceptable choice. Although, they are bearable in summers, however, may not seem that friendly when the temperature begins to dip beyond a tolerable level. If the temperature continues to dip, the diver must choose 5mm over the 3mm ones.

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