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The Top 4 Things Active Moms Carry with Them to the Gym

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When you’re a busy, active mom, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Sometimes finding time for yourself is a bit of a juggling act. Finding time to go to the gym should be a priority, though, and it can be made easier if you make sure that you always have these four things when you go.

Plant-based vegan protein bar

Whether you eat it before you work out or after you’re done, having a healthy, nutritious snack is a critical part of getting to the gym. You’re already fitting this in between all your other responsibilities and obligations, finding time to go somewhere else and find a healthy snack isn’t likely to happen.

If you take a plant-based vegan protein bar like the Elevate Nutrition Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Vegan Protein Bar, you’ll ensure that you’ve got something handy that’s packed with protein, tasty, and easy to eat on the go.

These bars have 20 grams of plant-based protein from a complete pea protein blend. They’re nut, dairy, soy, and GMO-free, and certified vegan. This makes them easy to absorb and digest.

Eating a bar before your workout will increase your energy during the workout, but you can also eat it after. This can help you power through the rest of your day until your next meal.

Extra clothes and shoes

You might change into your workout gear at home before heading to the gym, or you might wait and do it in the locker room. Either way, a change of clothes for after your workout is still necessary. Even if you can’t or won’t shower at the gym, changing out of your sweaty gym clothes is necessary to avoid skin infections and bacteria growth (not to mention the smell).


Blisters and callouses just aren’t an option for an active mom with things to do. Gloves give you a non-slip grip on equipment and weights and make it easier to grip and grab things. Gym gloves with open fingers are perfect for fitness training and weightlifting, and it’s easy to throw a couple of pairs in your gym bag to make sure you’re never without them.


You’ve got a limited amount of time to fit this workout in, and the last thing you want is to be distracted. Headphones allow you to plug into your phone or a music player so you can play for your favourite tunes and drown out the conversation, banging, and grunting that might otherwise annoy or disturb you. The right music can also encourage you to pick up the pace, improving your workout.

Getting a workout in is good for your physical health, as well as your mental health. For a busy, active mom who is often doing more for others than herself, it’s also a great method of self-care. By being prepared with these items, you’ll ensure that going to the gym feels more like a rewarding treat than an annoyance you had to fit in.

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