3 Places in China Specializing on Wildflower should be in Your Holiday Bucket List


wildflora tour

The beauty of a flower can melt your heart and bring a smile to your face. Now people across the world are visiting the less-explored corners of mainland China. In this way, they are experiencing the picturesque locations, endemic plants, and ethnicities of different cultures.

Especially, for the city dwellers, the wildflower tour is a rewarding experience. For instance, if you visit Yunnan, you can see the unbelievable nature’s creation, the stone forest, before your eyes. Nonetheless, whether it is Yunnan or other places of Kunming, the horticulture growth will leave you mesmerized. Of course, you can find the plethora of flora and fauna in the mountainside or countryside effortlessly.

So, do you wish to get a glimpse of the unique pink shade of Nomocharis aperta? Or, find unknown flower species in the wilderness? Then, get ready for wildflower holidays in the following places in China. You can roam around the protected moor and uninhibited regions to enjoy the flourishing flower season all over the country.

Western Sichuan Province

The different parts of Sichuan province including Yajiageng, Balang Mountain, Yading, and Mt. Emei are the hotspots for a wide range of native alpine flowers. For example, if you visit Four Sisters Mountain, you will be amidst the paradise of flowers and meadows.

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan is popular for its spring flowers and Peach Flower, Pear Flower, and Peonies are only to name a few. Also, Balang Mountain is one of the prime hubs for letting people witness some of the endemic flowers in the alpine meadows in the midst of snow-capped mountain peaks.

Yunnan, the Capital of Kunming

At present, the floral industry of Yunnan is thriving and the place is the real treasure trove of quaint flowers. Needless to say, flower lovers are flying around the world only to get a glimpse of Yunnan Camellia or Dian Camellia. Belonging to the Camellia genus, the thick and tall Camellia trees offer the visitors one of the traditional flowers of China.

Moreover, you can find 130+ Camellia species only in Yunnan. As most of the Camellias grow in the mountainsides, you can enhance the adventurous quotient of your spring holiday. Also, Orchid, Lily, Primrose, Azalea, and Gentian are some of the most beautiful flowers in the world and Yunnan offers a wide variety of these.

Shangri-La, the Abode of Alpine Flowers

If you visit Shangri-La and Lijiang in May, you can get lost in the beauty of Rhododendrons in the scenic pasture of Xiazhongdian. Moreover, you can interact with the Tibetan cultures while making the best memories. Fill your mind with fresh mountain air, cherish Songzanlin Monastery, and be at peace with the wildflower China tour.

The Shangri-La tour is the habitat for different kinds of Orchid, Blue Poppy, Primula, and Rhododendron. You can admire the trumpet-like blue gentians that are blooming profusely. The low-growing mountainside Azalea and its hundreds of species are the reasons countless tourists fly down to Yading Nature Reserve or Baima Snow Mountain.

So, go through the wildflower tour details and explore wild China in a new light today!

Author bio: Steven Hatcher is a travel enthusiast exploring different regions of China and writing articles on wildflower China. Here, he discusses three key places to visit and enjoy the surreal beauty of nature during your wildflower holidays.

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