3 Offbeat Activities You must Sign up for Your Upcoming Tours in Chinese Province


Are you looking for a place which is kid-friendly, stimulating, traditional, and adventurous at the same time? Then, get on the oriental express and reach the rich cultural hub of Asia. Infused with the ancient history, breathtaking glaciers, and modern technology, China is a must place to visit. And if you come down here around summertime (April-August), you can make the best memories.

In case, you are running on a strict budget, the Asian countries can please you to the core. With the budgeted accommodations, you can get close to the Chinese customs through the locals. Moreover, when you are bored of having faux Chinese take-outs at home, the authentic Chinese dishes prepared with the exotic spices will give you an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

To dig deeper into one of the fascinating travel spots of the world, China frames the rapid transition of the human history of evolution in unique ways. Form experiencing the endangered species in their natural habitats to witnessing the daily life of the locals, the most populated country in the world has a lot to offer. So, if you need a little push to find your calling for the China Adventure Tours, know all about the unconventional things to do.

Tasting Authentic Oriental Cuisine

The specialized guides will take you to local food tasting where you will deal with Hunan, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Cantonese, or Shandong cuisine. If you love mouth-burning spicy food, Sichuan cuisine is your calling. And, Shandong cuisine is the top favorite pick for every seafood lover.

You can also master the skill of braising and preparing dishes with a few ingredients, thanks to the short cooking sessions. Thus, get the thrill of learning new skills and surprise your housemates with gourmet foods after returning home.

Traveling through Quaint Scenery

The scenic beauty of China is sure to mesmerize you; no matter whether you are going to visit the Potala Palace in Tibet or Sanxingdui Museum. Etch the beauty of West Lake in your mind or observe the ancient architecture at Shuimo Ancient Town only to enrich your heart with a special experience.

Also, remember, China is the house of 150+ glaciers and the highest mountain peak, Mount Everest. You can hike to Mount Gongga, find marmots in playful manner, take photos of alluring valley flowers, and interact with Tibetan people. Of course, your whole adventure will be guided by professionals who know the areas in the back of their hands.

Befriending Endangered Species

Chengdu, known as the prime residence for giant pandas, is the capital of Sichuan. The place is thriving with the local hot pot stalls, picturesque historic sites, adventurous hike trails, and rich tradition. But amongst all the lucrative places, the province provides a simple way to interact with the panda bears who are on the verge of extinction.

You can volunteer at the panda park and feed the fur balls or clean their enclosures. The sanctuary is based out of the cacophony of city where your children can show interest in wildlife photography. Furthermore, you can gain tranquility amidst the flora and fauna of the base.

So, if your bucket list is solely based on traversing through the wild side of China, Chenga Day Tour will definitely exceed your expectations.

Author bio: Margaret Williams is a backpacker who has penned down multiple blog posts on how Chengdu Day Tour can be a life-changing experience for people. Here, she writes why you should opt for China Adventure Tours to experience a different world.

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