Y2K Style – A How to Guide to Rock the Fashion Trend


The Y2K is taking the youth and their parents by storm. What is a new and exciting pop-digital trend to teens also doubles up as a nostalgia trip for those who are slightly older and want to embrace the double denim trend yet again while having some autonomy over how the complete outfit looks – even if they do choose to lash on light blue eyeshadow again.

Read this piece to learn more about the Y2K trend and how you can insert pieces of this style into your own look.

What Is Y2K Style? 

The Y2K aesthetic is inspired heavily from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. Most notably, this coincided when the internet became more popular, and people started getting access to dial-up in their homes.

This style can be adapted in many ways but consists of various shiny and sparkly materials, chunky sneakers, baguette bags, rad colorful sunglasses, beads, beads, and more beads, and sassy cartoons.

Perhaps oddly, this style was influenced from its comfortable and now retro style, mixed with the fear of the future and how technology was advancing at a somewhat unheard of rate.

If you want a style that says, “We are the generation that know both retro and the present” this one, as specific as it is, is for you.

Baby Tee’s and Crop Tops

Unless you live far, far away from any civilization, it will be difficult not to spot at least several people with baby tees or crop tops while you go about your day. Baby tees are particularly a comeback, with their sweet dog and cat images and frilly edges, and you will also see “word art” style clips and cartoons making an appearance again as the center of attention.

Chunky Sneakers

While those who are 5ft and under rejoice that they now have a comfortable option while adding height, chunky sneakers have become extremely popular among people of many statures. While at first, they reminded us of our dads with their t-shirts tucked into their jeans, they have fast become a fashion staple that offers height, a statement, and comfort. What more could you want from a shoe? Visit Journeys for the latest cute chunky sneaker offers for the summer.


When it comes to Y2K, you can never have too many accessories. This is just as well, considering this trend has an awful lot to choose from. We are talking butterfly clips (the big ones with flappy wings or the small colored claws), baguette bags that come in a variety of styles and materials, including PVC for the ultimate shine; Do not forget bead necklaces, or bracelets, often with a variety of charms such as plastic animals, stars or hearts. And if the sun is out, you can forget your boring regular shades and opt for sunglasses with a light blue, pink, green, or yellow tint in slim frames to complete the look. If you still feel like you could do more, then opt for a pink or purple paisley bandana – that should do it.

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