Why you should hire Commercial Janitorial services


A dirty commercial establishment is a sure way to lose customers. But that business owner or manager of an office has the time and interest to clean, the answer is none. If you are not afraid to clean up, this business idea may be appropriate for you, you can start a profitable business with your own commercial cleaning company. The advantages of this business is that you can start with a very small budget and, in general terms, does not require any special skills, background or experience.

Another advantage is that this is an ideal business to start part time or part time, because offices and stores will most likely want you to go to work after office hours, allowing you to keep your current job if you prefer until your business grows. You will need to know the products used for cleaning services.

Your customers can be small businesses, from doctors’ offices, commercial stores, stores located in shopping centers, retail stores and more. Large corporations are not your best bet, since you will need several crews of employees to cover the entire place each night, but with smaller companies, you can make a contract to go one or more nights per week.

Visit potential clients and leave them your flyers and business cards or you can also start a promotion campaign by mail, perhaps offering a discount for introduction. Placing a magnetic door sign (Door Custom Magnet) is also a good idea to promote your business and provide a more professional appearance.


The cleaning services you can provide and help to solve and advice are the following:

  • Integral maintenance of the service of offices, ships, exhibitions, studies, etc.
  • Specialized services (polishing, carpets, injection – extraction, etc.)
  • Legal issues in the sector.

Personalized advice.

A cleaning company can offer special Santa Rosa Janitorial Services, from the “simplest”, such as neighborhood communities, to buildings of hospital clinics that require very high standards of quality and hygiene. Also perform industrial cleanings, shopping centers, large areas of recognized prestige, schools, hospitals, office buildings, etc.


Your cleaning company must have specific methods and processes for cleaning offices, offices and business centers. Implements coordinated teams assigning a group leader. Your goal is to achieve a clean environment and a healthier work environment.


  • Periodic maintenance cleaning.
  • Extraordinary cleaning before and after, transfers, removals.
  • Shock cleaning (first cleanings, end of work).


  • Polished floors (marble, linoleum).
  • Waxed (parquet, wood).
  • Cleaning of windows, ceilings and walls.
  • Textile cleaning (carpets, curtains).
  • Disinfection


Starting a profitable business initially needs you to identify a need and find a way to satisfy it. Commonly, office managers and business managers require Commercial Janitorial Services San Francisco and you can address this need by starting an office cleaning business. This business usually needs only a modest initial investment and can be implemented gradually. Although you can start moderately, you can eventually expand your office cleaning business to serve more clients and include other teams of workers.

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