Why You Should Consider A Job In Accounting


When it comes to picking your first career it can be an incredibly daunting time. More than this though, if you are at a point in your life where you think that a career change is in order this can be even more daunting. Whether a career in accounting is something you have always found yourself considering or an idea that has only recently popped into your head, here is why we think a career in any accounting role can be a great choice for everyone.

The money

Probably the vainest but most obvious reason is the money. A job in accounting is almost guaranteed to be a profitable one with some of the highest salaries for any job in finance, with the rate changing significantly between Accounting firms and location. The top-paying cities for accountants in the US are:

  • New York, New York- $102,090
  • Salinas, California- $97,640
  • Washington, District of Columbia- $95,570
  • San Fransisco, California-$93,590
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut- $92,770

These statistics go even further, showing how good of a career accounting can be money-wise, with figures showing that in the year 2019, the lowest-paying accountants earned an average salary of $44,480, and the highest was paid an average of $124,450.

Range of industry opportunities

One thing that makes accounting so great and makes it stand out from so many other professions is that it will never limit you to just one industry. You can work as an accountant in fashion, arts, sport, film, TV, or whatever else you can think of as everyone needs accountants.

So don’t be put off if you worry about leaving a creative side behind with a career so focused on finance as there is still the opportunity to work in such a broad range of industries of your choosing.

Making a difference

Being an accountant isn’t all about the big paycheck; you can instead choose to use your learned skills to benefit so many different people. If you choose to work for free part-time at a charity or to help in a school, you will be hugely helping out so many different people since so many people need these accounting skills to help them out.

Any background can be an accountant

You don’t have to have a degree to work in this profession. This is great as it opens up so many doors for people who might not have had the chance to go to University or for people who simply didn’t think University was the right option for them.


Leaving University or High School to go on to a career will always be scary. That isn’t just because you will be leaving the comfy school walls of high school behind but because in this day and age, it is increasingly difficult to find good, well-paying jobs that there in high demand for new employers. Instead, lots of people find themselves leaving University or High school, not knowing where their job will come from.

Of course, there are no guarantees; however, accounting is almost recession-proof, and there is always a demand for people who work in the finance industry.

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