Why my first Lab Duo-Scope Microscope- MFL-06 is good for Students


Are you looking to buy a microscope for your son or daughter who is going to school or high school and doing science experiments? Or you may need it for your electronic repairing lab? Many people also buy microscopes to observe and see tiny parts of insects, print on stamps, and closely observe the coins. Your intention to buy a microscope can be any but selecting is the hardest thing as there are hundreds of models from various manufacturing companies.

There are different types of microscopes listed on MicroscopeCrew for different purposes along with their specification, their pros and cons, and a detailed guide on what you must look at the microscope for a specific purpose.

Here, we have this model that is the best match for all needs of students because my first Lab Duo-Scope microscope wins an award because of its best specification, performance, and feature for STEM education. It functions both as a compound and stereo microscope in one unit. It’s able to scan the three dimensions of any item.

It doesn’t come alone. It comes with 50 pieces of accessory and experiment kits. The Accessory kit has 5 plain slides, 1 concavity slide, 4 prepared slides, cover glass, lens paper, forceps, plastic test tune, plastic petri dish, morel, straight teasing, slide labels, and plastic dropper.

MFL-06 includes modern integrating and instruction manual systems that help users to prepare their slides and tips for usage. Lab duo Microscope is equipped with real glass optics. Each duo microscope comes from a 10x up to 400x eyepiece. By which it has powerful magnification, clear visuality, and effective transparency rate.

It supports STEM learning which includes math, engineering, science, and technology. That enhances the creativity and critical thinking ability of users. This is why we recommend that every parent must have it in a home for school-going children. Lab duo microscope is pocket friendly. Its price is about 75.00 US dollars with 30 days returnable offer.

Product Specification

  • Material is made up of glass and plastic
  • Color is Off-white
  • Item dimension L*W*H: 5.1 *6.1* 12.2 inches
  • Item weight 2.7 pounds
  • Brand name: My First Lab
  • Item model number MFL- 06
  • Usable life: 9- 18 years
  • Rank 29 in kids microscope around the world
  • Similar Products: Check here
Pros Cons
Easy modification and integrating procedure Not enough space presents between the lens and slide in 40 x eyepiece.
Contain highest magnification level with up to The slightly slow delivery process

400x eyepiece
Light in weight


One year warranty with Refundable offer

Long term reliability and durability


Duo-scope serves the best quality to children from the last 25 years. That helps to keep them stay intact with science and technology. Manufacturers offer a one-year warranty which saves your investment from risk.

MFL-06 is a dual functioning biological microscope that modifies the objective of dual cool Led illumination. Also allow users to view both microscopic-sized specimens and a macroscopic object like stamps, coin, and bugs.

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